Translation of definitive in Spanish:


definitivo, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪˈfɪnɪtɪv//dəˈfɪnədɪv/


  • 1

    (answer/verdict/victory) definitivo
    • It comes as a surprise, then, to learn that many medical studies include too few patients to reach any definitive conclusion.
    • Histomorphology, therefore, remains as the gold standard for a definitive diagnosis.
    • We expect, and demand, that the authorities do all within their power to put a definitive end to this utterly indefensible action.
    • People are always spouting off with definitive answers about what design is… except that everyone has a different take on it.
    • We do not believe that definitive conclusions can be reached on so obviously inadequate an evidentiary record.
    • In a statement released on Sunday the company confirmed it had reached definitive agreement to sell the company to three private equity groups.
    • Even then, as Woodruff points out again and again, we can never be assured that we'll reach a definitive end.
    • He added: ‘It is far too early to reach any definitive conclusions and, in some areas, we may never reach that goal.’
    • If a definitive agreement is signed - one is hoped for by the end of April - Reilly will be named president and CEO of the new company.
    • Patients usually present to their general practitioner but a definitive diagnosis of left ventricular systolic dysfunction can only be achieved by cardiac imaging.
    • I want this case brought to a definitive conclusion.
    • This procedure is considered the gold standard for definitive diagnosis of lesions.
    • The definitive agreement for the acquisition was announced December 8, 2004.
    • Although the meeting lasted for over three hours, no definitive agreement was reached.
    • Next year, Delta will receive 11 737-800s and says it has a definitive agreement to sell them.
    • It has found that numerous and serious deficiencies in the paper did not allow it to reach the same definitive conclusions reached by the authors.
    • The companies expect to enter into a definitive agreement within 60 days.
  • 2

    (study/edition/biography) de mayor autoridad
    (performance) inmejorable
    (performance) insuperable
    • Fortunately, this may not be the definitive book on Bill Brandt.
    • Written by Teddy Fennelly, the book is deemed to be the definitive text on the co-operative movement in Ireland.
    • One hopes that this is just the first edition of what will become the definitive textbook in the field.
    • This is a definitive book on the subject, made all the more collectable by its beautiful presentation.
    • There is currently no widely accepted, concise, definitive list of key health education journals.
    • The number of flood defence committees is also to be drastically reduced, scrapping all local committees and establishing a definitive list of regional committees.
    • I always planned to write a definitive article about him and never did (which was one reason why, twenty years later, I did the encyclopedia entry on him).
    • We had a few drinks, threw around a few names and came up with a definitive list of the ten most influential art people in Sydney.
    • This last species may occur in N. Iraq near the Turkish border but I haven't found any definitive documentation.
    • Will this be the definitive list of top ten songs?
    • Although the revelation was complete before the death of Muhammad in 632, the tradition tells us that he did not himself assemble the material into a definitive text.
    • Michael Phillips has written the definitive book on organic apple growing, The Apple Grower.
    • He published the senior's complete works in a definitive edition.
    • I recall well the thrill of finding in a Paris bookshop a definitive biography of the contemporary French king, Louis VII.
    • Linda Lear is author of the definitive biography of Rachel Carson.
    • Is that really the tiny study where Noah Webster penned his definitive dictionary?
    • This immense study was published between 1851 and 1854 and immediately became the definitive text on the subject.
    • On the Arts and Disciplines of the Liberal Letters was the definitive text for the Middle Ages.
    • Despite its noble remit, and the broad range of material which must have been available, this is not a definitive anthology in terms of calibre.
    • In 1924, he published his definitive volume, The Pipe Book, still an invaluable reference tool for tobacco historians today.