Translation of deflector in Spanish:


deflector, n.

Pronunciation /dɪˈflɛktə//dəˈflɛktər/



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    deflector masculine
    • Based on a module designed for the Fiat Stillo, the panoramic sunroof folds back in three separate panels with the first panel lifting up as a wind deflector.
    • The power shower-approved products feature a patented system of magnets along their full-length hinges, and are fitted with integrated deflectors and a barrier bar at the base to prevent water from escaping.
    • The control signal storage section connects the plurality of deflectors in series when conducting the scan test.
    • The two-piece deflector plate must be attached using a minimum of four 5/16-inch Grade 8 bolts.
    • There will be tinkering with the spoiler angles, heights and widths, and the roof deflectors will be removed.
    • When the hood is down, a wind deflector helps keep driver and passenger out of the wind.
    • The deflectors protect the deck from the blast of the F - 35 joint strike fighter aircraft engines operating at maximum thrust for take-off.
    • There is a wind deflector available, though its use restricts the car to a two-seater.
    • There were more baffles, ducts, and brackets with metal deflectors to cool that engine than you could imagine.
    • During the yard period, this ship is scheduled to install mounted orifices with the jet blast deflectors.
    • Longer and angled deflector blades may improve spreading of chopper attachments.
    • A deflector attachable to the electronic components card for directing cooling air over the card is provided.
    • New jet blast deflectors with a one-panel design will also improve safety on the flight deck.
    • The clear perspex side panels and bigger wind deflectors are optional.
    • If your baseboard heaters have movable deflectors or vents, open them in the winter and close them in the summer.