Translation of deform in Spanish:


deformar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈfɔrm//dɪˈfɔːm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • At a deeper level, some desires are themselves deformed by social pressures.
    • Some of the bears were taken from the wild as cubs and several have missing and deformed limbs as a result of snares or leg hold traps.
    • Cells were both immobilized and controllably deformed by aspiration into a micropipette.
    • I can just about remember him, including the fact that his ear was deformed.
    • You can turn boxy shapes into organic ones by pushing and pulling on any point or by deforming the shape to an existing curve, while still maintaining the original engineering intent.
    • Mary's face is deformed, and she is thought to be brain damaged.
    • If more force is applied they can be plastically deformed so as to take on a permanently bent shape.
    • This delusion has deformed British cinema for decades, and largely blinded us to our other identity as Europeans.
    • If a material can be deformed under stress but will not return to its original shape or dimension it is not elastic.
    • Corns can also develop due to deformed toes such as hammer or claw toes.
    • So, anything that serves to deform the shape of the Earth will affect the speed with which it spins.
    • Don't they get blisters and hard skin and eventually deformed feet?
    • His personality was horribly deformed; his crimes were unforgivable.
    • Americans would indignantly object if anyone said that armadillos and gophers were deformed and grotesque.
    • He started drawing as a small boy during long spells in hospital to correct deformed feet.
    • However, the film is going to change those faces, and so I'm not sure if I want to see these hideously deformed new visages.
    • It also deforms the shape of the red blood cell enough that it's destroyed by the body, thus the anemia.
    • Such a label, which stays the same no matter how much a given knot may be deformed or twisted, is known as an invariant.
    • They have twisted and deformed historical facts to serve their own purposes.
    • He was rushed to hospital where an X-ray showed that one of the major blood vessels to his heart was deformed.