Translation of degenerate in Spanish:


degenerar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈdʒɛnəˌreɪt//dɪˈdʒɛnəreɪt/

intransitive verb

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    (standards/language/morals) degenerar
    (health) deteriorarse
    to degenerate into sth degenerar en algo
    • the argument degenerated into a fight la discusión degeneró en una pelea
    • In the past, anti-corruption drives sometimes degenerated into, or masked, power struggles.
    • As a result, innovation has degenerated into developing new electoral tactics.
    • Sense is inevitably degenerating into nonsense, like a pileup of random mutations in an endangered species gasping its last breaths.
    • These last few comments are degenerating into a mob attack on a young designer.
    • Elections have degenerated into a choice between two evils, and your only option is the lesser evil.
    • From there, the interview degenerated, and I wasn't surprised when I wasn't offered the job.
    • Once there were beliefs, these degenerated into ideas, then into ideologies.
    • His skeletal frame has degenerated to that of a 70 year old.
    • So is it also true that our ability to appreciate and make a perceptive assessment has also degenerated?
    • They'll have to agree to disagree: I don't want my comments section degenerating into a snarling fist-fight again.
    • The bone system could have degenerated and a similar degeneration in the neck bones can cause unsteadiness and giddiness.
    • Mentally, he probably degenerated to the point where his main concerns are the basic human instincts.
    • Civility is an essential virtue in a free society, for without it, both free market capitalism and liberal democracy risk degenerating into anarchy or repression.
    • While he continues to place obstacles in the path of negotiations, the situation on the ground is degenerating.
    • Now, usually, people with rational views of the world are able to prevent policy from degenerating into such suicidally savage behavior.
    • There was a time that I found your comments amusing, however recently you have degenerated into farce and hypocrisy.
    • Our capital city is slowly degenerating into a gangland.
    • Certainly as this drama deepens, each character bypasses normal human interaction degenerating into deviant behavior.
    • The second period degenerated to bad tempered aggression with a referee reluctant to impose adequate discipline.
    • Their protest degenerated into an ugly scene where they traded blows with council workers who were supposed to collect the levy.
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    degenerado masculine
    degenerada feminine