Translation of deictic in Spanish:


deíctico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdaɪktɪk//ˈdeɪktɪk//ˈdʌɪktɪk/


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    • The third-person examples are much improved if the pronouns are clearly deictic rather than anaphoric; the first-person examples are already deictic, of course.
    • The algorithm accounts for deictic as well as anaphoric referential identifications.
    • In acts of deictic reference, speakers integrate schematic with local knowledge.
    • In these ‘referential’ uses, it is replaceable by the deictic pronouns this and that (This is red, That is possible).
    • Action signs, like vocal signs also take part in deictic (space/time) reference, indexicality and performativity.