Translation of deign in Spanish:


Pronunciation /deɪn//deɪn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to deign to + inf dignarse (a) + inf
    • he didn't deign to reply no se dignó (a) contestar
    • Until he deigns to bless us with his musical insights, we must make do with the old.
    • Why oh why is the nation not more appreciative when he deigns to confer his unique insights onto our lesser minds?
    • Kafka never touches ground, he never deigns to offer you the clue to the maze.
    • The only time they interact is when Cal deigns to answer Stewart's many questions about his evening adventures.
    • He even deigns to sit still for some group shots, even though it really looks like he's just contemplating escape.
    • There is only ground cover and whatever else she deigns to preserve.
    • Having wasted two paragraphs and several minutes of our time on nothing but attitude, the Gray Lady finally deigns to let us know what the story is actually about.
    • He is the ultimate rage freak, glorying in the heat of his negative reviews while rarely deigning to actually consider the positive.
    • Seating is known to ‘belong’ to particular families, with, at the least, sharp looks and some words to anyone else who deigns to sit in one of the ‘best seats.’
    • It happened on the very same roads I drive each fall with my students, looking for burrowing owls, a bird even the most cynical college freshman deigns to call ‘cute.’
    • There is a third, rather stupid, tax distributional question, concerned with the impact of any such tax, but since I think the proposal out of court in principal, I will not deign to even consider this.
    • If some one deigns to comment, well and good, although I generally find that most commenters want to argue with me, rather than debate the subject.
    • Will they, after the President deigns to consult them, rubber stamp a resolution granting him enormous powers of life and death?
    • He can, however, tap dance, and does so here, something Noel Coward wouldn't even have deigned to consider.
    • When she actually deigns to meet her constituents it's usually at an afternoon surgery advertised that same day in the local freesheet, which doesn't usually reach her constituents until evening.
    • You wait until some junior salesperson deigns to notice your apparent desire to be shown a car.
    • I shall await his answer when he deigns to speak to me.
    • ‘I will not deign to answer that stupid question,’ he said.
    • I am not, however, convinced that he is the cool cat who not once deigned to say a mere ‘good morning’.
    • I'm honoured that he deigns to share himself with me!