Translation of delayed action in Spanish:

delayed action

acción retardada, n.

Pronunciation /dɪleɪd/


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    acción retardada feminine
    before noun delayed-action bomb bomba de acción retardada feminine
    • delayed-action mechanism mecanismo de acción retardada
    • Most guardsmen blamed the failure of the operation on changes in planning, restrictions, lack of action or delayed action, and the President himself.
    • Remote controls and delayed action devices make it possible to carry out mass murder, even at a distance.
    • Their capital erosion - in some cases, total - means protracted and delayed action directly affects their ability to generate the income they need.
    • One particular scene, in which each of the rival twosomes tries to persuade the other to make for the lunchtime pub, is a masterly study of delayed action.
    • Last week's flooding was the worst in 30 years according to members of the business community who have been left to count the cost of delayed action by the City Council.