Translation of deli in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛli//ˈdɛli/



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    • It's home to a cornucopia of delis, gourmet stores, boutiques and cosy little restaurants.
    • Now they are devising plans for further investment in the chilled food factory which supplies distributors to bakeries, delis and sandwich shops.
    • The stores, delis and hairdressing shops underneath the elevated subway tracks were humming with shoppers, a very lively neighbourhood.
    • The range of food will also be expanded with a new salad bar, chicken rotisserie and an enlarged deli, bakery and fish and meat counter.
    • The gossamer-thin spring-roll pastry can be bought from Oriental food stores and some speciality food halls and delis.
    • Every couple of blocks has its own deli, grocery, laundromat, coffee shop and so on.
    • These areas have become known as the focal point for the prosperous and wealthy, due to the services on offer such as schools, shops and delis.
    • Fresh olives are available in delis, supermarkets, farmers markets.
    • We huddled together, on our landings, in the laundromat, at the corner deli.
    • Meanwhile, organic food has gone from farmers' markets to delis in west London, with organic supermarkets in the smartest parts of town.
    • You can only buy that in Italian delis and pork stores.
    • Then he just turned around and walked west, to where a couple of blocks down was a supermarket, and several delis.
    • It stands in a typical mixed Manhattan neighbourhood: on the next block are kosher delis and bagels shops.
    • Jars of truffle paste are available in good delis and in selected supermarkets.
    • A lot of grocery stores and delis were closed, and therefore, nobody could get anything to eat or drink, for that matter.
    • Buying fresh bread, hot out of the oven, now appears as a luxurious exercise only possible in expensive delis or 24 hour shops with pretensions above their station.
    • The pedestrian-oriented commercial areas they left us lend themselves to neighbourhood produce shops, bakeries, delis and cafés.
    • Shops, supermarkets and delis could also play a role in supporting farmhouse cheeses by displaying and promoting them better than they do at present.
    • It turns out that we have much the same food shopping trail, using the same delis, grocers and supermarkets.
    • I'm a city girl who loves Thai takeout, and I usually buy my wine from the corner deli.