Translation of deliver in Spanish:


entregar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈlɪvər//dɪˈlɪvə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(hand over)

      (goods/message) entregar
      his new car was delivered yesterday ayer le entregaron el coche nuevo
      • the bus delivers me to my doorstep el autobús me deja en mi misma puerta
      • to deliver (up/over) the fortress to the enemy entregarle la fortaleza al enemigo
      • The various races included children dressed as postmen with sling bags delivering letters at the finishing line, or as bakers who sieved flour before scampering to finish the race.
      • I want you to deliver this letter for me and bring a response back.
      • Then last Friday they delivered a bunch of letters and packages some dating back to the past two years.
      • The postman is used to delivering mysterious parcels, packets and letters to the old ranch house, mostly from faraway places with strange sounding names.
      • Suddenly, regular citizens could go to town when they wanted, get supplies when they needed them, deliver goods directly to sellers.
      • The unexpected thrill of the reminder (something I blame on my father, who appeared to appreciate the postman delivering red letters rather too much) is important to me.
      • He sent a messenger to deliver the letter to the edge of the barrier and throw it to one of the prisoners within the dome.
      • The company's proposed radical changes to the way it delivers letters were aimed at saving €20m a year.
      • What the council has done is carried out a poll that relied on letters being delivered to homes in the area and people taking the time to return a slip.
      • The handwritten message is scanned and sent to the destination and the letter is delivered just as a telegram.
      • Taking the initiative, including undertaking tasks beyond responsibilities and identifying new approaches to producing and delivering goods and services.
      • We recommend that customers only deliver goods to the billing address.
      • It is understood that 11 workers have been given notice, with some handed the news in a letter delivered by courier to their door late at night.
      • What happens if someone writes the wrong address on an envelope, or the postman delivers the letter to the wrong door?
      • Yet, last December we had serious backlogs in the delivery of Christmas mail when one million letters were delivered late.
      • She recalls an experience at customs. when a parcel was not delivered, and she had to go and collect it herself from their office.
      • Taxi drivers or drivers delivering goods around shops are among the most frequently used ‘mules’ since they would seem least suspicious.
      • This morning's good mood severely dented by incompetent carriers who have repeatedly failed to deliver parcels on time and to the right address.
      • Whilst in Britain a paper round is done by spotty 13 yr old kids before school, here it is a proper job and the delivery guys also double up by delivering goods during the days.
      • The only thing at this time that I care to divulge is that my letter from Raychel instructed me to deliver her letters to their rightful recipients.

    • 1.2(distribute)

      (paper/milk/mail) (a domicilio) repartir
      we have our milk/paper delivered every day nos traen la leche/el periódico a casa todos los días

  • 2literary

    to deliver sb from sth librar a algn de algo
    • deliver us from evil líbranos del mal
    • Lord deliver us! ¡Dios nos libre!
    • She prayed the bell would save her and deliver her from this torment, but her prayer fell on mute ears and there were still seven minutes when she reached the front and turned to face the class.
    • In June 2001 she was delivered of a 3.1 kg healthy boy, her seventh child and fourth caesarean.
    • At length, however, she was delivered of a child; but it is uncertain whether it was born alive or not.
    • He says self-help groups have delivered people from the clutches of moneylenders who charge 120 per cent as interest.
    • Councillors and public figures struggle to hide their pride in delivering their city from an Aids epidemic.
    • The Alliance deserves some credit; within the Alliance platform are the means to address delivering our government from its bureaucratic nightmare.
    • And you can't really imagine the people round here jumping up and down with excitement shouting: ‘Hooray, she has delivered our children from the scourge of rickets.’
    • He credits his party with delivering the city from debt and unemployment to the promised land of productivity and job creation.
    • But the region will pay a heavy price for his folly unless the scandal swirling around him delivers the world from his Machiavellian designs.
    • The UN Charter spoke of delivering the world from the scourge of war - we never learn.
    • His strong performance delivers the movie from all-out silliness; this is quite a feat, given that he's required to utter lines like ‘That's a sandstorm!’
    • The Bishop is delivering his congregation from credit card debt one family at a time - using only donations from other congregants.
  • 3

    • 3.1(administer)

      (punch/blow) propinar
      (blow/punch) asestar
      • So far he had weathered numerous attacks, emerged unscathed and delivered a heavy blow to the Midway air base.
      • Two wilting sides then slugged it out toe-to-toe in the extra 30 minutes before Town finally delivered the knock-out blow.
      • The kapo raises his club, which he holds in both hands, and delivers a blow across the small of the man's back.
      • Two Bradford sports enthusiasts are preparing to deliver a knock-out blow to the fitness industry when they launch a revolutionary new product.
      • He looked lively, sharp and delivers the ball ever so early.
      • A player delivers a ball and as he follows up is hit after delivering as he tries to follow up.
      • The gameplay dynamics are the same, allowing you to charge your energy, attack, defend, and deliver a finishing blow.
      • The departing leader yesterday delivered a coruscating attack on the tormentors within his own party who he claimed had made it impossible for him to continue in office.
      • He has worked on an exceptionally quick hand punch that delivers a blow before larger defensive tackles can get into their rushes.
      • He's right: physicists have built wind tunnels to present theses on the art of delivering a dead ball.
      • Jeremey landed, ducked the last attack and delivered an uppercut, sending the attacker sprawling to the ground five feet away.
      • He is quick to the ball and delivers a quality blow.
      • Both teams played a similar type of football with a concentration on tight marking and supporting the player in possession and delivering low ball into speedy forwards.
      • He takes proper angles to the ball, not wasting any steps, and delivers a powerful blow when he gets there.
      • Several guards were required to repel the prisoner's attack; one soldier who came to the rescue delivered two blows to the inmate's head with a handheld radio.
      • Chucking - the act of delivering a ball through straightening the arm in the process of bowling - has been with us since the dawn of cricket.
      • The previous four seasons, the passing game was predicated on quick throws, with the quarterback often delivering the ball after three- and five-step drops.
      • While they all throw the ball, he delivers the ball according to the laws of cricket.
      • One of the finest sights in all sport is a bowler with a smooth rhythmic run-up delivering the ball with an arched back and a flawless straight-arm action.
      • He tackles ferociously, wins ball with his first touch and delivers perfect ball to his attack.

    • 3.2(issue)

      (ultimatum) dar
      (warning) hacer
      (speech) pronunciar
      (lecture/sermon) dar
      Law (judgment) dictar
      Law (judgment) pronunciar
      Law (judgment) emitir
      • This is just like a court delivering its ruling without listening to evidence and submissions by the concerned parties under the excuse of public request.
      • The Constitutional Court delivered a half-right decision last Wednesday.
      • The High Court recalled this observation while delivering its verdict in the case.
      • But the verdict delivered by the Court of Final Appeal said the authority will still be able to provide such facilities through another party after the listing.
      • The European judges delivered a unanimous verdict that denying a prisoner a vote does breach the ‘right to free elections’ set out in the convention.
      • The trial judge is likely to deliver a verdict in September to the three men at the prison where they are detained.
      • Knowing that a poor performance would reignite the whispering campaign against him, he spoke in a leaden manner before delivering a blunt ‘modernise or die’ message.
      • He opted to deliver a stern lecture on good manners.
      • Having delivered myself of that Friday afternoon piece of advice and homily, can we turn then to the preposed orders and directions.
      • Then he appears on a platform in San Juan or Port of Spain and delivers the finest speeches calling for racial unity.
      • And besides them, there's the invitation-only crowd at the Banqueting House in Whitehall, to whom he will deliver the only formal speech of his visit.
      • He delivered himself of this speech with the air of one who has solved a great truth.
      • The deficits court case is being heard under a special fast-track process and judges should deliver a verdict within six months.
      • Since the judge had delivered the verdict, he had felt permanently dazed.
      • Tonight's was incredibly moving; I actually found myself getting teary at the end, when the judges delivered their verdict - at least partly because they were so kind.
      • It seems to me that reaching into the wallet is a much more powerful articulation of desire and belief than delivering the lecture.
      • A jury at Preston Crown Court delivered a unanimous not guilty verdict following seven-and-a-half hours of deliberation.
      • I was about to enter and deliver a stiff lecture on the evils of strong drink when I thought the better of it and turned on my heels.
      • The nine-judge Constitutional Court must deliver a final ruling on the motion within six months.
      • Formal speeches were delivered at the main gate but were drowned out by a low flying army helicopter.
      • By the same token he has well-honed skills of debate and a hectoring, let-me-do-it-right-for-you manner when delivering his otherwise glib answers.
      • This unpretentious poetess does not go about lecturing or delivering sermons in high places.
      • The Senator says he's looking forward to delivering his acceptance speech tomorrow.
      • The funny thing is that every time, these pronouncements are delivered in a lecture.
      • Even as he was delivering his welcome home speech it had already been decided to send the SAS to another war.
      • It is a matter of fact that the Court of Appeal delivered its decision…
      • The jury at Leeds Crown Court delivered its verdict yesterday afternoon after hours of deliberation.
      • In the end however convention spoke, and the delegates delivered their verdict.
      • Against this backdrop, Roh should wait patiently until the Constitutional Court delivers its final verdict.
      • The manner in which she delivers her message is most interesting.
      • Moreover, in delivering his verdict the judge can refuse to explain the basis of his decision if he deems national security could be compromised.
      • After years of distinguished study, he begins delivering lectures of his own, offering unique, insightful interpretations of Islamic texts.
      • Visitors to the interactive exhibition can perform in front of the tough panel with the judges delivering their verdicts, more often than not trading insults among themselves.
      • The nine-member panel of judges are expected to deliver a verdict within seven days.
      • He recalls delivering a lecture at the University of Nottingham.
      • When a beautiful ruling like this is delivered by the judges, we must understand that these kinds of changes do not occur overnight.
      • The judges are expected to deliver their verdict within weeks.
      • Who, for example, is the young woman economist, Australian by the sound of her accent, who delivers long lectures on how the world economy functions?
      • When the mock-up ends, Hawkeye appears on screen by himself, out of costume and delivers a solemn lecture on the human costs of war.
      • Last night, back in the city to deliver a lecture, he repeated his grim warnings.

    • 3.3(produce, provide)

      he promised much, but delivered little cumplió muy poco de lo mucho que había prometido
      • this treaty delivered several advantages este tratado trajo como consecuencia varias ventajas

    • 3.4Sport

      (ball) lanzar

    • 3.5US (in elections)

      (state) ganar
      • It employs 18 full and part time trained staff and prides itself on delivering its promises by providing quality products at competitive prices.
      • As respecters of rules and regulations they also expected their politicians to say what they mean, and deliver on their promises.
      • ‘I have promised people to continue the reforms and I am sure I can deliver my promises,’ he said after voting.
      • The task of providing evidence that a service will deliver its promises becomes more difficult where the service is highly intangible.
      • If the government is to deliver its promise to cut unemployment by 40,000, it will need to create 80,000 jobs.
      • Besides delivering the promise of simplifying our life, these principles will perhaps begin to break the barriers imposed by antiquated rules.
      • They must also monitor commitments closely, and deliver on promises.
      • People expect us to deliver on our election promises.
      • He doesn't expect them to deliver on any promise they will make.
      • Until the Government and local councils deliver on their election promises of providing reliable and affordable alternatives to the car, situations like this will continue.
      • However, he pointed out that, over the last four years, the Government has more than delivered its pre-election promises on tax cuts.
      • We had a window of opportunity to deliver the promises to the town and the members and I as chairman feel I let the club down by failing to do so.
      • There will be no ‘business as usual’, since his supporters expect him to deliver on the many promises he has made during the campaign.
      • He said the achievements of the past five years were an effective guarantee that he would deliver his promises.
      • Beats me how anyone could ever expect a politician to deliver on the promise of a national stadium, but there you are.
      • If he fails to deliver on his election promises, chances are he could find himself confronted by another angry recall.
      • In Britain, economic worries centred on the alarming prospect of pensions failing to deliver their optimistic promises.
      • There is a reasonable choice of the old favourites that crop up on almost all Italian menus, but rarely deliver the promise or spirit of their names.
      • All in all, this book does deliver its promise, to fulfill a student's point locating needs.
      • For the minister, it is the first major test of whether he can bring the most powerful lobby group in the industry onside and deliver the promises set out in the health strategy.

  • 4

    her husband delivered the baby su marido la asistió / atendió en el parto
    • they delivered the child with forceps sacaron al niño con fórceps
    • the queen was delivered of a son/daughter la reina dio a luz (a) un hijo (varón)/una hija
    • Ita was the local midwife and delivered many a home birth before the Maternity Hospital era in rural parishes.
    • I don't know if this proves anything either, but I myself was delivered by a local midwife, who apparently taught herself everything she knew.
    • He was in charge of the elderly care unit at the local cottage hospital and did his own obstetric care, delivering many Bridlington babies.
    • He had to deliver the 6lb 5oz baby himself on the living room floor.
    • The delivery room nurse, the resident, and the attending physician assisted as the plaintiff delivered a healthy baby boy.
    • I've been a mid-wife for twenty years now and have delivered hundreds of babies.
    • ‘All of my three children were born at home, delivered by the same midwife who lived near my home,’ she recalled.
    • A hospital's first midwife has retired after delivering more than 1,000 babies in 37 years.
    • She said: ‘We would both like to thank the two midwives who delivered the twins and everybody at the special care baby unit.’
    • Sean has been there for all the births and delivered the last two children, with a midwife's supervision.
    • He turned midwife this week to deliver his first grandson.
    • A midwife who has delivered hundreds of babies for mothers in the Maldon district is set to retire.
    • A community midwife who has delivered hundreds of babies over the past 30 years has been honoured with an award for the special care she has given patients.
    • They told my mum that they had to deliver the baby straight away to save one of our lives.
    • I delivered their baby seven months later.
    • He said that during his career he had delivered something like 8,000 babies, roughly equivalent to the town's population today.
    • Fortunately, she was able to call her mother Carol, who turned midwife to help deliver baby Abigail on the kitchen floor.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    we deliver free of charge hacemos reparto(s) a domicilio gratuitamente
  • 2informal

    (produce the necessary)
    he's full of big talk, but can he deliver? habla mucho, pero ¿es capaz de cumplir?
    • he has not delivered on any of his promises no ha cumplido ninguna de sus promesas

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to deliver oneself of sth exponer / expresar algo