Translation of deluge in Spanish:


inundación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛljuːdʒ//ˈdɛlju(d)ʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(flood)

      inundación feminine
      the Deluge el diluvio (universal)
      • I went outside into a biblical deluge, with no plan beyond having a big kip in the car.
      • Meanwhile, insurance companies are bracing themselves for multi-million euro claims following the deluge which left scores of homes and businesses flooded.
      • China said its unchecked lumber industry was a primary cause of the 1998 deluge, the country's worst floods since the 1950s.
      • The recent deluge has left most cattle farmers in a crisis situation as regards grazing management and silage cutting.
      • The recent deluge and the resulting floods have no doubt made many househunters think about what dangers they could encounter when buying a new house.
      • At Harrogate, the hosts were put in to bat on a new strip hastily prepared because the intended pitch had been flooded by Friday's deluge.
      • It stood in the lowest part of town, near the Town Hall, and like it, must have been flooded in the deluge of 1955.
      • But after the flood, after the deluge they treated us as partners, not as workers for them, not as slaves, and started to give us knowledge.
      • But tourist operators at countryside and seaside destinations admitted they had suffered from the deluges of the past few weeks.
      • But in the light of devastation caused before the Foss barrier existed - where watermarks on the wall testify to the deluges of 1982, 1947 and 1831 - there was relatively nothing to fear.
      • That strategy had the support of the city's power brokers and it got all the fuel it needed in 1938, when the worst deluge in Los Angeles history killed 87 people.
      • Which is good, of course, providing the flow doesn't become a flood, and the flood a mindless deluge.
      • Businesses were counting the cost of the deluge as many were flooded for a third time in just six weeks.
      • The supposed height of summer has seen deluge after deluge with floods and misery across the country.
      • The city was on a knife-edge tonight as its flood defences faced their toughest test following the continuing deluge.
      • But the scale of last year's flooding surpassed these previous deluges, with 45 square kilometres of land submerged.
      • Preliminary data suggest this rainfall triggered a 500-year flood deluge.
      • After 30 hours of continuous torrential rain, rivers and streams around Taranaki were struggling to cope with the deluge of water.
      • A titanic crash of thunder heralds the return of the darkness and the onset of a truly biblical deluge.
      • The deluges also prompted an increase in crop prices.

    • 1.2(downpour)

      diluvio masculine
      • Then the final week of May brought a deluge of rain especially in the West.
      • This was the first day in the Alps and on the top of Col de Ramaz they had almost three inches of rain when a deluge came down on them for a full forty five minutes.
      • Move potted plants you want to protect from freezing under the eaves of the house or some other spot where they will be protected from the deluge of winter rains.
      • Although much of the rest of Scotland was shrouded in mist and heavy rain, the deluge which dampened Aberdeen in the morning had abated long before kick off.
      • Trees were crashing down around either side of the campsite as hillsides slipped away in the deluge of rain - all in a day's work for a surveyor of the time.
      • Hundreds of residents who had suffered the deluge after yesterday's rain welcomed the clear skies today as they set about assessing their loss.
      • Sir - A deluge of ‘tropical’ rain for the second time in three years: climate change is a reality we could do without.
      • It seems very peaceful - we've had deluges of rain.
      • A perfect deluge of rain instantly followed, and the roads were quickly flooded.
      • The April festival has been sunk by an ill-timed deluge of rain.
      • And, when he stood entranced in the eye of the storm, he did not think that the deluge would close over him.
      • Alas this was not to be, as a deluge of rain descended and the dancing had to be abandoned.
      • Then down came the deluge and it rained like I have never seen.
      • Their Shiraz variety grapes had to battle to survive after a deluge of 200 mm of rain.
      • The deluges of rain upon the volcano slopes, which may be augmented by melting ice, help to mobilize ash and debris flows (lahars).
      • The storm, with deluges of rain, sweeps over the mountain and the monsoon reigns over the low lands of Malabar.
      • And then the heavens opened, releasing a deluge of heavy rain that had all three of us scrambling to be the first back in the house.
      • The game ended in a deluge of rain and sleet but to the credit of both teams they continued to play positive football to the end.
      • A deluge of rain on Friday evening led to several games in the Keighley area being abandoned - as the weather once again took its toll.
      • Anyway, after that little digression, I am pleased to report that we had a deluge of rain here yesterday.
      • These were no more than the drops of rain that preceded the deluge.

  • 2

    (of protests, questions, letters)
    aluvión masculine
    avalancha feminine
    • The data can be intermittent during transmission opportunities, but when it comes in, it arrives in deluges and it comes in fast.
    • A deluge of email has arrived from people who read one of last week's postings and want to know three reasons why, specifically, the Russians beat us into space but not to the moon.
    • Villagers look like they will be losing their main bus service in just over a fortnight, despite a deluge of complaints to the bus company.
    • These letters have triggered a deluge of complaints to the watchdog, who seems to be treating them sympathetically, although he's no soft touch.
    • Police fielded a deluge of car vandalism complaints from motorists in north and west Wiltshire over Christmas.

transitive verb

  • 1

    they were deluged with protests/letters recibieron un aluvión de protestas/cartas
    • he was deluged with offers le llovieron las ofertas
    • we were deluged with questions nos abrumaron con preguntas
  • 2

    • It was proposed by one of the councillors, who said he was finally pushed into action by floods which deluged the town in January, killing three people.
    • Certainly an impact in the North Sea would deluge all of the coasts in all directions.
    • The floods that threatened to deluge the town centre yesterday put paid to virtually all weekend river match action.
    • Recognising that the river was about to burst its banks he alerted the emergency services and moved the coastguard vehicle to the bridge before its hut was deluged.
    • Only 18 months after the last floods, their homes and businesses have been deluged again.
    • The western regions of the vast central African nation have been deluged by heavy downpours as the rainy season gets into full swing.