Translation of delusory in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dəˈlusəri//dɪˈluːs(ə)ri//dəˈluzəri//dɪˈluːz(ə)ri/


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    • In Buddhist thought, this feeling that we are the real thing, the most important person, the center of everything, is delusory.
    • These ‘extremes’ of delusory belief appear from experimental evidence to be associated with the existence of microscopic lesions in the right brain.
    • Yes, it is illusory and delusory, and yes we know that, but we must continue to live in it.
    • James acknowledges that there was something delusory about this ostensibly unified culture.
    • The Mayan calendar is a gateway to realms of consciousness that the majority of mankind has been blinded to by the use of false delusory calendars.
    • In this way, all unenlightened experience is fabricated by the various aspects of the mind as it generates a false self and projects delusory objects onto reality.
    • He poisoned his mother-in-law in the delusory hope of a legacy.
    • Events in Europe offered Japan a delusory ray of hope.
    • Instead it is delusory - its place is located in the imagination.
    • In the absence of such an understanding, spirituality will always be construed as extracurricular or a complement to education at best, and a delusory distraction at worst.
    • The bourgeoisie's delusory fantasy of self-reliance is thus rendered utterly absurd.
    • I approached situations, circumstances, objects and other people looking to find out if my beliefs were delusory.
    • Does this imply that narratives' clarifying and consoling effects are delusory?