Translation of demo in Spanish:


demostración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛmoʊ//ˈdɛməʊ/

nounPlural demos

  • 1

    • 1.1Music

      demostración feminine
      demo feminine

    • 1.2Marketing

      demostración feminine
      • He added: ‘We are still hopeful that war can be avoided, and I am sure the previous big demos have had an impact.’
      • An employee/friend of my mother's is very pro-Countryside Alliance and has been attending most of the organised demos around the country.
      • Rain failed to deter protesters turning out for an anti-war march in Colchester, which organisers hailed as one of the biggest demos in the town in recent years.
      • The action takes place in the 1960s, but the girls' private dramas unfold in a rarefied world, isolated from the political turmoil of the anti-war demos going on outside.
      • Anti-war protesters who scribbled graffiti on Queen Victoria's statue and Lancaster Town Hall during the demos faced criminal charges yesterday.
      • Massive pro-war demos get ignored by the professional media in favour of handfuls of ‘antiwar’ types, but blogs tell the other side of the story.
      • In recent months, pro-democracy demos are attracting very few.
      • But because of the foot and mouth crisis, the Whitby-based peace campaigners organising the demo switched venues to Whitby town centre bandstand.
      • There will also be demos at many other Spanish cities.
      • I mean, how many demos do you go on these days where a majority of the marchers are in their late teens or early 20s and whose aims are to defend ‘science, reasoned debate and the welfare of mankind’, no less?
      • This was one of the smaller demos, amid a movement which saw 200,000 school students take to the streets against the threat they see in him.
      • On Saturday two demos will take to the streets: one in support of the lab, arguing that animal testing is necessary to save human lives; the other arguing that animal lives are as valuable as our own.
      • Public demos are likely to continue after parliament ruled the initial poll invalid and passed a symbolic, non-binding vote of no-confidence in the electoral commission.
      • The socialite and sometime model appeared before a judge at Bow Street magistrates court for obstructing the highway during last week's pro-hunting demos in London.
      • A bunch of us are going to the London peace demo on Sunday.

  • 2British informal

    manifestación feminine