Translation of demotic in Spanish:


popular, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪˈmɒtɪk//dəˈmɑdɪk/



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    del pueblo
    • I can remember my sister using it in the late forties, and through such oral usage it must have been kept alive until a greater use of demotic language in the press and elsewhere in the eighties brought it to wider public notice.
    • Finch and Varnes's brief is broad and inclusively demotic.
    • At that point, it leached back into the wider culture, slightly altering the rhetoric, but not necessarily the essential substance, of demotic antiscience.
    • Handwriting and handwritten documents have become as a result increasingly demotic and spelling and grammar in personal letters appear to be increasingly seen as personal matters.
    • Basketry is the demotic craft par excellence.
    • If, as he says, the era of art is over, why not open up to the full chaotic, demotic range of contemporary visual culture?
    • Brooklyn belongs to a genre characterized by less sophistication, less complex melody and harmony, more demotic language, looser rhyming, in-your-face attitudes, and rampant reiteration.
    • He, of course, would say that this is conversational and demotic.
    • Life has been hard on successive waves of poets who believed, before the 1960s, that they were demotic, non-moralistic, empirical, technophile, modern, etc.
    • The demotic form of the encyclopedia poem is the scrapbook.
    • The novel, written like Dillon's previous work in vivid demotic style, is a celebration of women.
    • Her interest in Aegean demotic music and the folklore of East Asia is evident in her operas Nausicaa and Sappho.
    • There, around a campfire, his boyhood games of piracy and Robin Hood met the tall tale and the demotic idiom.
    • His powerfully demotic designs helped pave the way for the egalitarian suburban landscape most Americans choose to live in today.
    • But rather than any symbology, it is the demotic, arbitrary nature of Miro's creativity, and the sense it creates of a violent stripping away, that is most impressive.
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    (script) demótico
    • Internally, an increasing number of Greek and demotic Egyptian papyri illuminate a developing bureaucracy and control of the population through a tax system based on a census and land-survey.
    • The stone, as you probably know, is inscribed with three forms of writing: Greek, hieroglyphic, and a less ornate, demotic form of Egyptian.
    • The separation of contemporary Egypt from its past was compounded by the fact that Coptic was written in Greek letters with a few demotic signs.
    • Then he established that demotic was a still more abridged cursive form of the hieroglyphics and was generally governed by the same rules.
    • It was the stone that helped decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs as it had translations in of ancient text in Egyptian demotic script, Greek, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.
    • The last datable examples of ancient Egyptian writing are found on the island of Philae, where a hieroglyphic temple inscription was carved in AD 394 and where a piece of demotic graffiti has been dated to 450 AD.