Translation of demotion in Spanish:


descenso de categoría, n.

Pronunciation /diˈmoʊʃ(ə)n//diːˈməʊʃn/


  • 1

    (in organization) descenso de categoría masculine
    Military degradación feminine
    • The advisor threatened him with dishonourable discharge and demotion.
    • They received sentences ranging from demotion to eight years in prison.
    • Rather than letting the temporary demotion get him down, Davies instead used it for motivation.
    • Those who fail to satisfactorily complete such a program will be subject to dismissal or demotion.
    • Surely his extraordinary capacity to rise above the hurt and disappointment of demotion is his most admirable personal trait.
    • I certainly wouldn't have picked her for the job, and even thought her marked for demotion or treading water.
    • That demotion, however, was a mere hiccup compared to some of the troubles experienced in previous decades.
    • This demotion he accepted because it meant he still had a job at his beloved club but the move ‘hurt deep in the heart’.
    • Gutwein, in particular, has gone to ground since his demotion.
    • He accepts a demotion and other-than-honorable discharge in lieu of court martial.
    • The two men also would face non-judicial punishments, which could include a loss of pay or demotion in rank.
    • If convicted, he faces up to seven years in a military prison, demotion and a dishonourable discharge.
    • However, it didn't take his demotion to substitute last night to make me think the prospects, personal and collective, aren't rosy.
    • That can include demotion, firing or even being drummed out of the profession entirely.
    • Their local satraps were threatened with demotion and fines.
    • His sentence by a special court-martial judge includes discharge for bad conduct and demotion to the lowest rank of private.
    • The demotion will necessitate the indignity of having to qualify for next season's Champions League group stages.
    • This weekend he was adamant that there was no rift with his former master, but was mystified about his demotion to the ranks.
    • I don't claim that my demotion was the reason for the club's lack of success in my last two seasons there, it was definitely one of several links in the chain.
    • Getting a C means no bonus; two C's in a row is grounds for demotion or dismissal.
  • 2

    (reduction in importance)
    relegamiento masculine