Translation of dendrology in Spanish:


dendrografía, n.

Pronunciation /dɛnˈdrɑlədʒi//dɛnˈdrɒlədʒi/


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    dendrografía feminine
    • I imagine that the text could easily be used by any college level dendrology class taught in neighboring states.
    • Scientists do not yet fully understand all the actions and interactions of autumn leaf colors, but you may want to try contacting a dendrology department at a university with a forestry school.
    • It should certainly be considered as a student textbook for courses on dendrology and field botany.
    • The process of naming plants and classifying them into those groupings is called nomenclature; the study of trees themselves is called dendrology.
    • I was introduced to the concept of phenotype during a course in forest dendrology, the taxonomy of trees.
    • This is not just another tree guide or dendrology text for identifying trees and describing their characteristics.