Translation of denial in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dɪˈnʌɪ(ə)l//dəˈnaɪəl/


  • 1

    (of accusation, fact)
    to issue a denial of sth desmentir algo
    • he issued a written denial dio un mentís / lo desmintió por escrito
    • his denial was pointless as we had proof era absurdo que lo negara ya que teníamos pruebas
  • 2

    (of request, rights)
    denegación feminine
    a denial of justice una denegación de justicia
    • Thus the ‘treatment’ in question was the refusal of support combined with the denial of the right to work.
    • The outcome, as mentioned in Jessica Johnston's article, was denial of access to the requested documents.
    • On Friday his lawyer attended a court hearing, and there will be a ruling tomorrow on his request to insert his personal denial into the pages of the book.
    • He asserted that his denial in the pre-trial answers to the Defendants' request for information of any association with the alliance was true.
    • Of course, the reality is that white communities were never faced with the systematic denial of bank loans and insurance necessary to build a middle class life in a community.
    • Another obstacle to alcohol screening is concern about denial of insurance coverage if screening information appears in a patient's record.
    • Since I have sworn, as have they, to uphold and defend that Covenant, I must respectfully concur in the denial of the request.
    • The report says the board's panel was clear that the mere denial of guilt could not, of itself, justify refusal of a progressive move through the system, including eventual release.
    • Delay in getting people their unemployment and the health insurance coverage they need while they're unemployed is denial.
    • When denial resulted in a patient's refusal to develop these skills, we had to intervene.
    • Forty-eight percent of those with health insurance experience problems with their plans - denial or delay of service being the most frequent.
    • Then come the Insurance companies with their denial of the rightful dues to assurers.
    • The denial of her desire, and thus the denial of her voice, generates the type of silence that we so often find is the seed for oppression.
    • What is unnatural is the denial to me of the potential to fulfill those desires.
  • 3

    negación feminine
    rechazo masculine
    to be in denial negarse a / ser incapaz de aceptar la realidad
    • climate-change denial el negacionismo del cambio climático
  • 4

    renuncia feminine
    abnegación feminine