Translation of denominator in Spanish:


denominador, n.

Pronunciation /dɪˈnɒmɪneɪtə//dəˈnɑməˌneɪdər/



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    denominador masculine
    • For the technically minded, you calculate a percentage by dividing the numerator by the denominator and multiplying by 100.
    • In other words, a number is rational if we can write it as a fraction where the numerator and denominator are both integers.
    • If you calculate the divergence for different species of plants, you find that both the numerator and the denominator are usually Fibonacci numbers.
    • Strictly, all whole numbers can be written as fractions if we make the denominator (the part below the line) equal to 1!
    • To convert a fraction to a percentage, divide the numerator by the denominator.