Translation of density in Spanish:


densidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛnsɪti//ˈdɛnsədi/


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    • 1.1(of population)

      densidad feminine
      • Moore's Law states that the transistor density of a silicon chip will double every two years, allowing a corresponding increase in processor speed.
      • His large-scale color photographs illustrate the unbelievable density of Hong Kong's residential high-rises.
      • The Government should develop a specific number of roads every year according to the traffic density of the area concerned.
      • It is not known why the understory of the Hermit forest had such uncharacteristically low total stem density and total basal area.
      • The low population density in rural areas makes the provision of specialized mental health services in those areas impractical.

    • 1.2(of fog)

      lo espeso
      densidad feminine
      • Syncopation in varying degrees of rhythmic density plays an important role in ‘Kohntarkosz.’
      • It also found a connection between the amount smoked, and the size and density of areas in the brain which are linked to higher nicotine dependence and increased impulsivity.
      • Because it is a weight bearing activity, skating can build bone density to a certain degree.
      • The sheer volume, as well as the astonishing density of thought and image, of his wonderful notebooks testify to the amplitude of his intellectual interests.
      • Encouraging the consumption of this single food, milk, may have lasting implications for nutrient density, bone health and body weight.

    • 1.3Computing Physics

      densidad feminine
      • With its incredibly high storage density, the DVD might just be the solution to two vexing problems.
      • That is based on its average density, calculated by dividing total mass by volume.
      • While in its early stages, the technology shows potential for high speed, high density storage of data, while retaining data even when power is turned off.
      • Refraction is the bending of light rays as they pass from one transparent medium to another medium of a different density; it is measured in diopters.
      • One way to increase storage capacity is to increase the areal density of the medium.
      • We are further informed that scientific theories fail at a singularity, which is an event involving infinite mass, density, pressure and temperature.
      • The formula is easily derived by making assumptions about the mass density of the earth.
      • In today's cramped data centers, real estate is at a premium, and maximum storage density is a necessity.
      • The change to a higher capacity is interesting not only in terms of storage density, but also heat dissipation.
      • The strength of the absorption reveals the temperature, density, and mass of a gas cloud.

    • 1.4(of style)

      lo denso

  • 2humorous