Translation of dent in Spanish:


abolladura, n.

Pronunciation: /dɛnt//dɛnt/


  • 1

    (in metal) abolladura feminine
    (in metal) abollón masculine
    (in wood) marca feminine
    to make a dent in sth hacerle una abolladura a algo
    • Exterior parts need to be checked as well - the hood, doors, bumper may have cracks, dents and holes.
    • There was a slight dent in the sheets next to me, and I knew that Charles had been sleeping there last night.
    • It was his job to check the van out for scratches, dents and other damage.
    • Alec was definitely sure of that-he saw a small dent in the front left bumper.
    • Then, inspect the blades for pitting, nicks, dents, cracks and corrosion, especially on the leading edges and face.
    • The boot is in the original grey presentation box and is in good condition apart from a dent at the front.
    • The guard was hit so hard that the blow left a dent on his safety helmet.
    • Its condition is good, despite the surface dents.
    • For a second I thought the bullet had gone right through, as I felt a pain in the front and back of my head, but I soon realised the bullet had done little damage other than make a slight dent in my skull.
    • It was caked in rust and dents graced its large surface.
    • Mark punches out angrily at a wall and makes a dent in the surface, hurting his fist.
    • When I went out in the morning, I'd see a fresh set of little dents in my front door.
    • He stared unbelievingly through the windshield at the rocks bouncing madly on the hood and the growing profusion of small dents on the surface of the metal.
    • Inside the bridge of the Goldoba, Ramirez clenched the rails around the helmsman's chair so hard he left dents in the metal.
    • All she saw was his armor with a slight dent in it.
    • Then I hit something on the track and put a dent in the front suspension and damaged the aerodynamics a little, and we were not able to get that fixed completely.
    • The Humvee had dents on the front and back from high-speed ramming, and the back windshield was damaged.
    • The truck seemed to be fine, just a few dents in front, but Tricia's car was gone.
    • The primary use of ‘dimple’ is in reference to small hollows formed by the cheeks when smiling or to a small dent in the surface of the chin.
    • The black paintwork of this car was in very good condition, the only marks being a small scuff on the rear bumper plus a slight dent on the off side rear wheel arch.
    • Still seven years doesn't really make the slightest dent in the fact that it probably sounded as vicious back then as it does now.
    • My unprofessional opinion of these techniques of harvesting the eels is that it has made a dent in the eel population.
    • But the wage demands of players in recent years have been such that these vast sums have barely made a dent in the economic problems of English football.
    • A signature-revocation effort by opponents made a dent in the final tally but was not enough to keep the initiative off the ballot.
    • But it's hard to make a dent in the fundamental ways we think and feel.
    • The walls were still bare and there were plenty of unopened boxes, but she had made a dent in the unpacking and the place was starting to look inhabited.
    • Well I'm just in from a good forty minutes of hard labour all just to make a pathetic dent in the snow outside my front door.
    • The ham was massive, and even this voracious assault had barely made a dent in its snacky deliciousness.
    • They have been tearing away at the rubble for a week now, and more than 10,000 tonnes has been removed, But it has hardly made a dent in the mountain.
    • The forest was pitch black; even the moon hardly made a dent in the gloom.
    • She may have made a dent in the male dominance of society but it was someone else who truly levelled the playing field.
    • But the potential medical consequences have failed to make a dent on sales.
    • The legal settlements companies now regularly pay out have not dented this margin because consumers foot the bill through huge price hikes.
    • Now come, you've hardly made a dent in those wonderful sandwiches I made, and there's a plateful of cookies that need to be eaten lest they go to waste.
    • As a result, there is unlikely to be even the slightest dent in the demand for gold from India, particularly as we remain in the festival season.
    • Certainly reason for concern, but money laundering legislation has not made a dent in the criminal drug activities.
    • In the first year or so, your monthly bond repayment makes almost no dent in the capital amount owed.
    • Also looking wistfully at the three library books I must return tomorrow; I've had them for six weeks, but have scarce made a dent in them, such is my perdition.
    • Making an effective dent in energy costs requires a deeper understanding of energy than just how much electricity facilities use.
    • Both increased capacity and competition will allow consumers to pay less, putting a dent into corporate profits.
  • 2informal

    it's made a big dent in our savings se ha llevado / se ha comido una buena parte de nuestros ahorros informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    (metal) abollar
    (wood) hacer una marca en
    he hit the safe with a hammer but hardly dented it golpeó la caja fuerte con un martillo pero como si nada
  • 2

    (popularity) afectar
    (pride) hacer mella en
    to dent sb's confidence hacerle perder confianza a algn

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (metal) abollarse