Translation of dentifrice in Spanish:


dentífrico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛntɪfrɪs//ˈdɛn(t)əfrəs/


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    dentífrico masculine
    • They washed their teeth and cleaned them with tooth powders (dentifrices).
    • Unlocking the tube and squeezing some of the bright-orange dentifrice out, I raised the brush to my mouth and commenced extreme cleaning.
    • Various tobacco products are used as dentifrice in different parts of India.
    • Some forms of tobacco dentifrice include roasted and powdered tobacco, a paste made of tobacco and molasses, and a rinse of tobacco water (made by passing tobacco smoke through water).
    • Women in the state of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, commonly use mishri (pyrolysed and powdered tobacco), and its initial use is as a dentifrice.