Translation of denture in Spanish:


prótesis dental, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛn(t)ʃər//ˈdɛntʃə/


  • 1formal

    (dental plate)
    prótesis dental feminine formal
    • If you've lost most or all of your natural teeth, you might use dentures or dental implants as a replacement.
    • There are some advantages to retaining selected teeth under dentures instead of having them extracted.
    • By the late eighteenth century, porcelain had replaced ivory as the material of choice for teeth in dentures.
    • The two incidents brought a plea from the dentist and his colleagues for people to monitor their dentures and bridges.
    • All teeth can be replaced with removable partial or complete dentures.
    • Metal dentures should not be soaked in hypochlorite as they may discolour
    • Oral thrush most commonly affects people who wear dentures.
    • Poorly fitting dentures can cause you to swallow excess air when you eat and drink.
    • Complete dentures are used when all upper and lower teeth are missing.
    • On closer inspection he saw this was a pair of false teeth, dentures.
    • If you wear dentures, be sure to keep them clean and have them adjusted if they are ill-fitting.
    • Use a separate toothbrush to clean your dentures.
    • Older patients with dentures and partials also need to take precautions against a dry mouth.
    • Difficulty eating can come from ill-fitting dentures, sore, loose or missing teeth.
    • Partial removable dentures are best taken out and thoroughly cleaned to facilitate mouth care.
    • Like natural teeth, dentures must be kept as clean as possible.
    • If you wear dentures, your dentist should make sure they fit right so you do not get any mouth sores.
    • Another sign of a cancer of the mouth or gums is when dentures no longer fit well.
    • Devices such as dentures and guide dogs help people bridge the gap between what they want to do and what their physical health allows them to do.
    • Swelling of the jaw causes dentures to fit poorly or become uncomfortable
  • 2dentures plural

    dentadura postiza feminine
    caja de dientes feminine Colombia
    placa (de dientes) feminine Chile
    a set of dentures una dentadura postiza