Translation of depart in Spanish:


salir, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈpɑːt//dəˈpɑrt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • A separate competition chooses a memorial design that further departs from Libeskind's vision.
    • The decision will now go before the Welsh Assembly Government for ratification because it departs from the local plan.
    • He ends his speech and departs from the plan, by making his way through the crowd to the Conservative club across the square.
    • Towards the end of the address, Adams turned his attention to the Minister for Justice, departing from the script to deliver a nasty little sting.
    • Critics of humanism have for centuries declared that freethinkers once departing from religion have abandoned morality.
    • Even the flavour of the purple carrots departs from the norm.
    • In the former case the bank was held liable because it had departed from the very stringent practice prescribed in its own manual.
    • It would be difficult to offer any advice to him right now that departs from the course he has put the country on for the time being.
    • Persson's singing departs from her contained and clear intonation to hint at cute and rough in turn, while never testing her range or ability.
    • Readers have forwarded us links to the kind of buried stories departing from the media's party line that we usually flag.
    • It departs from the usual folklorist concept of Hispanic rhythms.
    • "I never saw Dr Cheng departing from any compliance [with these regulations].
    • All questions have been submitted in advance and a moderator will silence anyone who departs from a pre-approved script.
    • The decision was scrutinised by the Welsh Assembly Government because it departs from the local plan.
    • The market for odd-numbered bills cannot clear if the price level departs from the prescribed level.
    • It departs from Bunting's previous work, in which music was the driving force.
    • It departs from the photographic style she has mostly favoured and adopts a story-telling stance.
    • This is therefore not a reason for departing from the normal course.
    • Stiller departs from his typecast of an awkward intellectual, which is to his credit.
    • As well as departing from the normal milieu of Bulgarian theatre, the production is also very different from other interpretations of the play.
    • 1.1Transport

      partir formal
      the train/plane will depart in 15 minutes el tren/avión efectuará su salida dentro de 15 minutos
      • For employees, it is best to depart the job on the same terms as employment began.
      • The thought of packing and departing the following day caused her heart to skip a beat.
      • We departed soon after, when a young couple walked past and began giggling.
      • On the final day in hospital, before they departed for home, a lone old woman arrived with a farewell gift of a bunch of bluebells.
      • And Oakland has something to prove to its former coach, Jon Gruden, who departed for greener pastures.
      • The walk takes 90 minutes and departs from St Nicholas' Church.
      • The funeral of a father-of-five killed last month in a jet ski accident will depart from the athletics track that became a second home to him.
      • Each of my Las Vegas trips would now have me checking into and departing from three hotels on the same days.
      • In celebration of the special occasion the couple departed for a two week holiday in California on Monday last 26th July.
      • Another concert was held for the primary students next morning before the group departed for its Friday night concert at Maungaturoto.
      • Before departing for pastures new, many a sub has been known to pen some truly whopping headlines.
      • Afterwards, the wedding party departed for the reception and function in the Welcome Inn Hotel, Castlebar.
      • A source at Mataram airport said flights continued as usual and the last flight departed for Bali with several empty seats.
      • The bus departs from Mill Street every two hours, with the first tour starting at 9.30 am.
      • Uncle Al finally departs his post no later than next January 31st.
      • I wish Mr Bradley all the best as he departs from Council life.
      • A friend called on his way to a test drive, and we departed for lunch.
      • Analysis of the plane's flight plans, covering more than two years, shows that it always departs from Washington DC.
      • Every three weeks, the vessel departs from Tahiti with cargo and 100-120 passengers.
      • That day Peel was recording interviews for a programme that would be transmitted after he and his wife Sheila had departed for a Peruvian resort in the Andes.
      • At 12.30 pm the air ambulance flight departed for Clermont, France.
      • We then set out for our train, which would be departing from Track 13.
      • His wife and another woman in the public gallery burst out sobbing as the verdicts were announced and as he departed for jail, they yelled insults at the police officer in the case.
      • The 1,432-tonne, 72 metre ship arrived on Monday and departed for Dublin this morning.
      • Tired and slightly sunburnt, the photographers departed for home with film and memory cards which they hope will contain some memorable pictures.
      • George Washington, as we all know, advised strongly, as he departed his presidency, that we should avoid all entangling alliances with foreign nations.
      • Responding to the comments out-going Town Clerk Ger Scully said it was the second time he was departing from a position of town clerk.
      • Yet, such is the resonance and clarity of her voice that it lingers in the mind long after the woman herself has departed for pastures new.
      • Last weekend she departed for Connecticut to begin a four year scholarship at Quinnipiac University.

    • 1.2(formal)

      partir formal
      the day we departed for Venice el día que salimos para Venecia

  • 2formal

    to depart from sth apartarse de algo
    • his version departs from the truth at several points su versión se aparta / se aleja de la verdad en varios puntos

transitive verb

  • 1literary

    he departed these shores in 1932 partió de / abandonó estas tierras en 1932
    • she departed this life / world at the age of 87 dejó de existir a los 87 años de edad