Translation of departmental in Spanish:


departamental, adj.

Pronunciation /diːpɑːtˈmɛnt(ə)l//diˌpɑrtˈmɛn(t)l/


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    the departmental head el jefe del departamento / de la sección
    • at (the) departmental level a nivel departamental / de departamento
    • The fees also provide clubs and departmental student unions with funding.
    • Before that, he worked for nine years in the Prosecutor General's Office as a departmental head.
    • The meeting usually starts with the manager giving us feedback on the business and departmental issues.
    • At Manchester University, a number of departmental open days have had to be postponed as well as lectures and seminars.
    • He should avoid the temptation of wasting time in departmental meetings.
    • On the morning after her admission, there was a lively discussion at the departmental meeting.
    • Dlodlo said road safety was a departmental priority and it was important the cause of the accident be established.
    • He feels that using unspent carry-forward amounts could damage departmental projects.
    • She suggests setting up small departmental group meetings so that no employee is singled out.
    • No wonder some departmental meetings seem interminable and cyclic in substance!
    • Financial rules forbid utilization of departmental receipts for expenditure.
    • He said it would be partly financed by swapping departmental buildings in Dublin for property in rural towns.
    • I've since given some thought to this issue, which has recurred a number of times in previous departmental seminars.
    • Over the next four weeks, each of the departmental budgets will be reviewed.
    • At that meeting there were 14 departmental staff and officials, and four members of the public.
    • The general reserve account is the main fund that pays for day-to-day departmental services.
    • His mechanisms for Treasury control of departmental spending have been resented as political interference.
    • In October, the human resources department sent out details of the new grades to departmental managers for checking.
    • The Minister has directed senior departmental officers with the Board of Shaftson College.
    • Susan is daughter of Vinny and Kitty O'Connor and she is departmental manager at Penny's.