Translation of depend in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dɪˈpɛnd//dəˈpɛnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(rely, be dependent)

      to depend on sb/sth depender de algn/algo
      • this town depends on the tourist trade esta ciudad depende / vive del turismo
      • they depend on him for their livelihood dependen de él para su sustento
      • Continuation of the community service depends on your continued support.
      • He depended on financial support from a variety of friends who pitied him.
      • Matisse wrote letters to Amelie on a nearly daily basis, and depended on her support in ways that his contemporaries found fascinating and even slightly amusing.
      • The success of the fund-raising evening will depend on the support of the public.
      • The problem was that in a community where hunters depended on each other's support in times of difficulty, the man who shot dogs would soon find himself isolated.
      • The continued success of the playschool depends on the active support of all parents.
      • This meals-on-wheels and other services depend on financial support from the public.
      • The police and army, on which the regime depends for support, have also been badly affected.
      • She has not depended on the Respondent for financial support other than for child support, which he has always paid.
      • As we depend on the support of the public to raise funds we will be delighted to see as many people as possible on the night.
      • The Irish Heart Foundation is a voluntary organisation and depends on the support of the people.
      • As tuition and fees have increased, students have depended more on outside earnings to fund their education.
      • The success of the program depends on the community support and the willingness of employers to take on clients.
      • The success of the parish draw depends on the support of the community.
      • This excellent facility very much depends on public support, so please give generously.
      • The media have gone from depending upon subscribers to depending upon advertisers for financial support.
      • The program's success depends on the amount of support from local residents.
      • Small enterprises depend on community financial support to move from small to medium size.

    • 1.2(be determined by)

      to depend on sth depender de algo
      • a good deal depends on what happens tomorrow mucho depende de lo que pase mañana
      • it all depends (on) what you mean by free will todo depende de lo que tú entiendas por libre albedrío
      • are you going to the cinema tonight? — it depends ¿vas a ir al cine esta noche? — depende
      • The success of a new airport would depend crucially on its ability to attract airlines.
      • The rise of self-organization in human systems depends to a large degree on initiative.
      • Their survival depended on the continued support of powerful group leaders.
      • Businesses depend to a significant degree on banking and access to banking services.
      • The things on which our lives depend are ones that we cannot understand or control.
      • The investment return depends solely on the difference between what you paid and what someone else pays you when you sell.
      • This figure varies between blood banks, depending again on the testing methodologies and tests used in screening.
      • Differences in corrosion performance, however, depend heavily on the severity of the corrosion environment.
      • The properties of today's composite materials depend largely on the size and type of ceramic filler particle.
      • Corn borer larval survival depends on several factors.
      • Control of malaria and anaemia depends largely on passive case detection and appropriate treatment.
      • If we rely on such counsel, if enhancing the national welfare depends on such, we are in for a rough time.
      • The prognosis primarily depends on the extent of the disease at presentation and the age of the patient.
      • Omnivorous species were classified as relying on animal or vegetable food depending on the most important contribution to the diet.
      • Indeed, achieving industrial diversification of African economies depends in large measure on the expansion of trade opportunities.
      • Whether bank regulators are accountable depends partly also on the general law.
      • The capacity of North America to pay for its imports on such a scale depended to a considerable degree on its earnings from supplying the plantations of the West Indies.
      • It is very evident that the rigour with which merger control is enforced depends in part on the agenda of the Minister.
      • Whether it will indeed lead to wider disaster depends very much on how the rest of us respond now.
      • Finally, relations between lords and tenants were rarely controlled by written documents and depended rather on the memory of those involved.

  • 2

    (count on, be sure of)
    to depend on / upon sb/sth contar con algn/algo
    • you can depend on her support puedes contar con su apoyo / con que te apoyará
    • some people just can't be depended on no se puede contar con / confiar en ciertas personas
    • I'll be there, (you can) depend on it estaré ahí, cuenta con ello / tenlo por seguro
    • you can't depend on him to tell the truth no puedes estar seguro de que va a decir la verdad
    • He was very capable-but this little girl, whom everyone depended upon - depended on him.
    • It's about a set of strangers that meet in a post-apocalyptic future and learn to trust and depend on each other.
    • Your child wants you to stay in control while they are out of control, so they can rely and depend on you.
    • As the months sped by, Jenny grew to rely and depend on Sammy more than ever before.
    • Gillard had few friends, looked up to and trusted Preston, depended on him, drank to excess, itinerant, living in shelters and hostels.
    • We should be able to depend on each other to help us through everything, so it's very important.
    • And that was partially why he'd trusted her so much, believed in and depended on her so much.
    • Everyone knows the difference between a friend you can rely on and a friend you depend on.
    • Instead of depending on medication, I rely on exercise to keep my body healthy.
    • Those who are ground down by economic circumstances ought also to be able to depend on the help of others.