Translation of dependable in Spanish:


formal, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈpɛndəb(ə)l//dɪˈpɛndəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) formal
    (person) digno de confianza
    (ally/workman) digno de confianza
    (ally/workman) con el que se puede contar
    (car) confiable
    (car) fiable
    • This could be the cheapest and most dependable source of drinking water for the people of Titilagarh.
    • Should you manage to graduate, you may well find that a degree holds out no guarantee of fulfilling or dependable employment.
    • Bridget was a lady of gentle manner and a fine and dependable neighbour who was always happy to lend a helping hand.
    • I don't do big high dollar websites and prefer to use a tried and true set of dependable methods.
    • Pierre was the head of all the servants and he was a very reliable and dependable man.
    • When people think of gardens, they think of graceful trees, colourful flowers and dependable foliage.
    • However, he can play a more traditional game because he is strong on his feet, good in defence, and has a solid and dependable boot.
    • To me they embody two Frances: the dynamic private sector and the dependable public sector.
    • As rumors and panic began to rule, they was no source of solid dependable information.
    • Then there are the long years in the Far East with his dependable wife Betty, and his cathartic reaction to her sudden death.
    • The party is seeking to portray itself as a stable, dependable and scandal-free government.
    • In general, discipline and unit cohesion require a regular and dependable supply of food by the army itself.
    • I want to be on the end of a dependable electrical supply system where outages are non-existent.
    • The dependable talents of director Tony Cownie are being put to good use in the Lyceum's first production of the new season.
    • In the absence of a dependable power supply system, they must explore all other avenues to beat the heat.
    • In the past four years he has been the most successful, reliable and dependable player.
    • American studios can make big-scale films because they have a dependable audience for domestic films.
    • Every community in Nunavut lacks a dependable water supply for dousing fires.
    • Growth tends to be mundane with the main attraction being dependable cash flows and reliable dividend payments.
    • To be replicated successfully, a dependable system of verifying carbon reduction has to be in place.