Translation of depilatory in Spanish:


depilatorio, adj.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈpɪlət(ə)ri//dəˈpɪləˌtɔri/


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    • According to beauty experts, the number of men seeking the painful depilatory treatment has soared 10-fold over the past five years.
    • Developed and tested in a government lab 10 years before, the dehairing system removed hair and dirt from beef carcasses by spraying them with depilatory chemicals as they moved through a massive chamber.
    • In the ‘mountain humbled’ towns of the Andes, he stumbles upon a scheme to import the sap of a bobohuariza tree and market it as an organic depilatory treatment.
    • The day before surgery, hair was removed with a depilatory cream, if necessary.
    • The cream removes unwanted hair to the root, unlike other depilatory creams which merely melt it to just below the skin's surface.


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    depilatorio masculine