Translation of depolarize in Spanish:


despolarizar, v.

Pronunciation /diˈpoʊləˌraɪz//diːˈpəʊlərʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Light passing through such a liquid crystal can be polarized and depolarized by changing the field and has led to the liquid crystal displays we see in watches, microwaves, and laptop computers today.
    • Why a small proportion of resistant cells (or untreated sensitive cells) should have depolarized membranes is not known.
    • The positive charge that they carry produces a further membrane depolarization, which activates additional sodium channels, so depolarizing the membrane even further.
    • The flow of cations through the receptors rapidly depolarizes the postsynaptic membrane, and the signal is propagated along the electrically excitable membrane toward the next nerve cell.
    • The ability of the plasma membrane to depolarize remains functional in the rho cells as evidenced by the release of insulin with the depolarizing agent KCl.