Translation of deposit in Spanish:


depositar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪˈpɒzɪt//dəˈpɑzət/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(set down)

      (load/packages) depositar
      (packages/load) poner
      • Anthony and the rest of these battle weary soldiers deposit the body armor, the first sign they are going home.
      • A waiter zipped over and deposited two glasses of water and a dish of mixed nuts on their table, took their drink orders, and hurried off.
      • After depositing my bags in a sarkari guest house I made for the office of the Dashauli Gram Swarajya Mandal.
      • Our bus deposited us just a few steps from our hotel.
      • He mastered the science, but it deposited him at the foot of something much larger and more complicated.
      • Her bodyguards, she said, have deposited her on many week nights on a naval base in Amsterdam, or hustled her off to sleep in different hotels.
      • The receptacles will be suitable for weapons to be deposited safely without opportunity of them being removed.
      • I was finally deposited in a small and remote village and told to wait on a pavilion under a palm-thatched roof.
      • The owner scooted over from doing his genial rounds of the table and scooped up the hapless moggy, depositing him safely but unceremoniously on the street outside.
      • The train deposits you at Sirkeci station, in the heart of Istanbul, at the gateway to the Golden Horn.
      • The pilot deposits us, then flies to his native village, several miles up the valley, with a promise to return in 45 minutes for the flight to Tbilisi.
      • Traditionally, villagers deposit money in post offices as they consider them safe and they also earn more interest compared to banks.
      • Ben yanked him up by the back of his collar and half dragged him to the livery, depositing him in a pile of hay.
      • We may not have slipped straight into the gaucho lifestyle, our horse being more determined to deposit us in a ditch then to stick on the road, but we were learning.
      • Today, I caught the super-early bus, which deposited me upon a strangely studentless Swanston Street.
      • Before she could react the escalator had deposited us and I squeezed by.
      • He also suggested that to prevent such a theft we should have deposited the helmets with him for safekeeping.
      • On Aug.30, rescuers picked him up in a boat and deposited him on an interstate.
      • He helps Pete over the threshold before depositing him on the stairs.
      • Mrs. M. instructed everyone to take out their valentines, walk around the class, and deposit the cards in the proper mailboxes.
      • She removed her valuables and deposited them inside the metal case.
      • Taking the bowl that rested just inside the next room, he deposited its contents, roughly diced potatoes, into the rolling and steaming water.
      • With a sigh, she swept most of the potatoes into her apron, and trudged across the room, dropping only one, and deposited them all in a large pot over a fire pit.
      • ‘See you later,’ Tim says, after Adam is safely deposited in a sitting position on his blankets.

    • 1.2Geology

      (sediment/silt) depositar
      • If it turns out that passing comets have deposited water ice on the moon, hydrogen and oxygen might be even more easily obtained, he added.
      • The overlying limestones and tuffs were deposited in shallow water as indicated by the rich shelly fauna.
      • They found that the materials in all three divisions were wet both before and after the layers were deposited by either wind or water.
      • Geologists suggested the layers may have been formed either by ash from a volcano or from sediments deposited by wind or liquid water.
      • That meteorite contains carbonates and other minerals that would have been deposited from liquid water flowing through it nearly 4 billion years ago.
      • A few tools are found still associated with this gravel which has been clearly deposited by water.
      • Silver was deposited near the end of the copper deposition, and most specimens show a combination of silver on copper.
      • Sediments deposited by the water may also have been brought to the surface by the meteorite impacts that gave rise to the many craters visible today.
      • Carbonaceous sediments were deposited over a wide range of environments.
      • Fossils, he claimed, were the remains of once-living organisms, turned to stone inside layers of silt or sand deposited by water.
      • This indicates that the sand was deposited by flowing water.
      • Usually these were positioned a few inches above the mound floor, apparently after a layer of soil was deposited.
      • From this data, scientists hope to determine whether some of the layers were deposited by wind, rather than by water.
      • Vein gold is deposited by hot subterranean water known as a hydrothermal fluid.
      • At the time of its abrupt opening, layers of unconsolidated lime mud and ash were already deposited on the dolomite surface.
      • Sand was deposited by wind or water, and briefly wetted by liquid water that evaporated, forming the sulfate cement.
      • Sand dunes develop ridges when the wind deposits a chance accumulation of sand grains.
      • A layer of oxygen blocking material is deposited on the layer of metal.
      • Flowing water may have deposited sand and silt in the bottoms of lakebeds or oceans.
      • This is testament to the inert nature of gold; the metal is commonly deposited hydrothermally as grains, wires, and crystals in quartz veins.

  • 2

    • 2.1(leave)

      I deposited the will with my lawyer dejé el testamento en manos de mi abogado
      • we deposited the kids with their grandmother le encajamos / enjaretamos los niños a la abuela

    • 2.2(in bank account)

      ingresar Spain
      ingresar Spain
      you have to deposit half the amount now debe entregar ahora la mitad del dinero como depósito
      • If you file electronically and arrange for your refund to be deposited into your bank account, you'll get your money in less than two weeks, assuming the return is accurate.
      • The simplest and safest way is to put cash into an interest-bearing bank account, where you are paid by the bank for depositing your money.
      • I once had a large sum of money deposited into my bank account by mistake.
      • All too often, dividend cheques are just deposited into our bank accounts and spent.
      • When he started dating a girl he was quite seriously about, Mum opened a bank account, weekly deposited money into and gave him an access card so he could impress his girl.
      • Would you also like to go to the bank and deposit regular sums of money?
      • The money collected was deposited in the State Account.
      • Eurocurrency is the term given to any currency which is deposited in a bank account outside its country of origin.
      • As far as he is concerned, they gave him the money to be deposited into his trading account so that he could trade with it.
      • Conventional wisdom has it that as equities perform better than savings in the long term, the money should not be deposited at a bank or building society but invested in stocks and shares.
      • The money would be deposited in a UN-controlled bank account used to buy food.
      • Money laundering is charged because the lobster purchase and sale required money to be deposited in a bank.
      • This may prevent the victim of a fraud seeking a proprietary remedy against a bank where money has been deposited into a bank account.
      • The amount of money deposited in the saving accounts of each bank can be no more than $100 million yuan.
      • Early on, you may have to settle for a secured credit card, which is a card backed by money you deposit in a savings account.
      • I always arrange for my regular tax refund to be deposited in my bank account.
      • Prosecutors believe that a large portion of the missing funds was deposited in local bank accounts that have yet to be traced.
      • The only sign of him is the money that's deposited into my bank account every month.
      • He says an emergency meeting of all eight hospitals has been planned for Monday if money is not deposited in their bank accounts today.
      • For example, it says that your money must be deposited into a custodial account, which walls it off in case your employer goes bankrupt or is sold.


  • 1

    (payment into account)
    depósito masculine
    ingreso masculine Spain
    he has $600 on deposit at the bank tiene 600 dólares en una cuenta de ahorro(s)
    • before noun deposit slip boleta de depósito
  • 2

    (on small amounts, on large amounts, down payment)
    depósito masculine
    entrega inicial feminine
    entrada feminine Spain
    pie masculine Chile
    depósito masculine
    señal feminine
    seña feminine River Plate
    a small deposit secures any article se reserva cualquier artículo dejando una pequeña seña River Plate
    • he put down a deposit on the car hizo una entrega inicial para el coche
    • (on house, car etc) a 10% deposit una entrega inicial del 10%
    • (on house, car etc) a deposit of 10% una entrega inicial del 10%
  • 3

    depósito masculine
    fianza feminine
    is there a deposit on this bottle? ¿cobran el casco? Spain Mexico
  • 4British

    to lose one's deposit perder el depósito al no obtener el mínimo de votos estipulado

    depósito que se paga para poder presentarse como candidato a diputado

  • 5

    (of silt, mud) depósito masculine
    (of dust, particles) capa feminine
    (masculine plural) (at bottom of wine bottle) posos
    (feminine plural) (at bottom of wine bottle) heces
  • 6

    (of gas) depósito masculine
    (of gold, copper) yacimiento masculine