Translation of deposit in Spanish:


depositar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈpɑzət//dɪˈpɒzɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(set down)

      (load/packages) depositar
      (packages/load) poner
      • The owner scooted over from doing his genial rounds of the table and scooped up the hapless moggy, depositing him safely but unceremoniously on the street outside.
      • He also suggested that to prevent such a theft we should have deposited the helmets with him for safekeeping.
      • Traditionally, villagers deposit money in post offices as they consider them safe and they also earn more interest compared to banks.
      • She removed her valuables and deposited them inside the metal case.
      • Mrs. M. instructed everyone to take out their valentines, walk around the class, and deposit the cards in the proper mailboxes.
      • Taking the bowl that rested just inside the next room, he deposited its contents, roughly diced potatoes, into the rolling and steaming water.
      • We may not have slipped straight into the gaucho lifestyle, our horse being more determined to deposit us in a ditch then to stick on the road, but we were learning.
      • Before she could react the escalator had deposited us and I squeezed by.
      • After depositing my bags in a sarkari guest house I made for the office of the Dashauli Gram Swarajya Mandal.
      • He mastered the science, but it deposited him at the foot of something much larger and more complicated.
      • Her bodyguards, she said, have deposited her on many week nights on a naval base in Amsterdam, or hustled her off to sleep in different hotels.
      • ‘See you later,’ Tim says, after Adam is safely deposited in a sitting position on his blankets.
      • Our bus deposited us just a few steps from our hotel.
      • Today, I caught the super-early bus, which deposited me upon a strangely studentless Swanston Street.
      • Ben yanked him up by the back of his collar and half dragged him to the livery, depositing him in a pile of hay.
      • With a sigh, she swept most of the potatoes into her apron, and trudged across the room, dropping only one, and deposited them all in a large pot over a fire pit.
      • The pilot deposits us, then flies to his native village, several miles up the valley, with a promise to return in 45 minutes for the flight to Tbilisi.
      • On Aug.30, rescuers picked him up in a boat and deposited him on an interstate.
      • He helps Pete over the threshold before depositing him on the stairs.
      • A waiter zipped over and deposited two glasses of water and a dish of mixed nuts on their table, took their drink orders, and hurried off.
      • I was finally deposited in a small and remote village and told to wait on a pavilion under a palm-thatched roof.
      • The receptacles will be suitable for weapons to be deposited safely without opportunity of them being removed.
      • The train deposits you at Sirkeci station, in the heart of Istanbul, at the gateway to the Golden Horn.
      • Anthony and the rest of these battle weary soldiers deposit the body armor, the first sign they are going home.

    • 1.2Geology

      (sediment/silt) depositar
      • Silver was deposited near the end of the copper deposition, and most specimens show a combination of silver on copper.
      • Carbonaceous sediments were deposited over a wide range of environments.
      • If it turns out that passing comets have deposited water ice on the moon, hydrogen and oxygen might be even more easily obtained, he added.
      • Vein gold is deposited by hot subterranean water known as a hydrothermal fluid.
      • Flowing water may have deposited sand and silt in the bottoms of lakebeds or oceans.
      • Usually these were positioned a few inches above the mound floor, apparently after a layer of soil was deposited.
      • The overlying limestones and tuffs were deposited in shallow water as indicated by the rich shelly fauna.
      • Sediments deposited by the water may also have been brought to the surface by the meteorite impacts that gave rise to the many craters visible today.
      • A few tools are found still associated with this gravel which has been clearly deposited by water.
      • Sand dunes develop ridges when the wind deposits a chance accumulation of sand grains.
      • Geologists suggested the layers may have been formed either by ash from a volcano or from sediments deposited by wind or liquid water.
      • This indicates that the sand was deposited by flowing water.
      • Fossils, he claimed, were the remains of once-living organisms, turned to stone inside layers of silt or sand deposited by water.
      • Sand was deposited by wind or water, and briefly wetted by liquid water that evaporated, forming the sulfate cement.
      • This is testament to the inert nature of gold; the metal is commonly deposited hydrothermally as grains, wires, and crystals in quartz veins.
      • From this data, scientists hope to determine whether some of the layers were deposited by wind, rather than by water.
      • A layer of oxygen blocking material is deposited on the layer of metal.
      • They found that the materials in all three divisions were wet both before and after the layers were deposited by either wind or water.
      • At the time of its abrupt opening, layers of unconsolidated lime mud and ash were already deposited on the dolomite surface.
      • That meteorite contains carbonates and other minerals that would have been deposited from liquid water flowing through it nearly 4 billion years ago.

  • 2

    • 2.1(leave)

      I deposited the will with my lawyer dejé el testamento en manos de mi abogado
      • we deposited the kids with their grandmother le encajamos / enjaretamos los niños a la abuela

    • 2.2

      (money) depositar
      (money) ingresar Spain
      (money) (in bank account) depositar
      (money) (in bank account) ingresar Spain
      you have to deposit half the amount now debe entregar ahora la mitad del dinero como depósito
      • As far as he is concerned, they gave him the money to be deposited into his trading account so that he could trade with it.
      • The simplest and safest way is to put cash into an interest-bearing bank account, where you are paid by the bank for depositing your money.
      • Early on, you may have to settle for a secured credit card, which is a card backed by money you deposit in a savings account.
      • For example, it says that your money must be deposited into a custodial account, which walls it off in case your employer goes bankrupt or is sold.
      • The money collected was deposited in the State Account.
      • When he started dating a girl he was quite seriously about, Mum opened a bank account, weekly deposited money into and gave him an access card so he could impress his girl.
      • Eurocurrency is the term given to any currency which is deposited in a bank account outside its country of origin.
      • Conventional wisdom has it that as equities perform better than savings in the long term, the money should not be deposited at a bank or building society but invested in stocks and shares.
      • All too often, dividend cheques are just deposited into our bank accounts and spent.
      • He says an emergency meeting of all eight hospitals has been planned for Monday if money is not deposited in their bank accounts today.
      • Money laundering is charged because the lobster purchase and sale required money to be deposited in a bank.
      • Prosecutors believe that a large portion of the missing funds was deposited in local bank accounts that have yet to be traced.
      • Would you also like to go to the bank and deposit regular sums of money?
      • The only sign of him is the money that's deposited into my bank account every month.
      • If you file electronically and arrange for your refund to be deposited into your bank account, you'll get your money in less than two weeks, assuming the return is accurate.
      • The money would be deposited in a UN-controlled bank account used to buy food.
      • I always arrange for my regular tax refund to be deposited in my bank account.
      • This may prevent the victim of a fraud seeking a proprietary remedy against a bank where money has been deposited into a bank account.
      • I once had a large sum of money deposited into my bank account by mistake.
      • The amount of money deposited in the saving accounts of each bank can be no more than $100 million yuan.


  • 1

    • 1.1(payment into account)

      depósito masculine
      ingreso masculine Spain
      he has $600 on deposit at the bank tiene 600 dólares en una cuenta de ahorro(s)
      • before noun deposit slip comprobante de depósito
      • Minimum reserve requirements imply that banks are obliged to hold deposits at the central bank as a percentage of their eligible monetary liabilities.
      • Any money market accounts, certificates of deposits, bank bonds, Treasuries, and savings are assets.
      • Unlike safe investments such as bank deposits or Treasury bonds, dividends are not guaranteed.
      • An inquiry at the academy found an unauthorised bank account and unauthorised deposits.
      • These funds are generated to a large degree by the general public in the form of life insurance policies, pension funds, bank deposits and unit trust investments.
      • The ability to transfer funds at the press of the button raises the risk of ‘bank runs’ on deposits by panicked depositors.
      • Maintain a bank account: make deposits as well as withdrawals.
      • His principal differences with classical monetary analysis include the notion of circulating currency to include money and bank deposits.
      • Stoppage at the bank's proofing centre on Tuesday will stop the bank earning interest on deposits via the money market.
      • But a claim - and bank notes or deposits are claims to money - does not involve the creditor's relinquishing any of the present good.
      • The money supply was composed of bank notes and deposits, convertible into specie, and gold and silver coin.
      • Lower rates on bank deposits also are pushing money into the economy.
      • Interest on bank or building society deposits of 3000 annually can be sheltered from tax.
      • Many have had good reason to use bank and money market deposits to purchase some of the inflating quantity of higher-yielding Treasury bills and notes.
      • In the past, bank deposits ruled the money and credit creation process.
      • In many instances bank reconciliations were not prepared while bank accounts revealed unknown deposits and withdrawals.
      • His approach is akin to measuring your personal solvency by adding up the deposits in your bank account and neglecting the withdrawals.
      • During those periods, there were sharp reductions in bank deposits, bank notes, wages, and prices.
      • When you place your money into a bank deposit, the bank will take your funds and make loans.
      • Homeowners that have refinanced or taken out home equity loans also have additional liquidity that makes its way into banking or money market deposits.

    • 1.2(down payment)

      (on large amounts) depósito masculine
      (on large amounts) entrega inicial feminine
      (on large amounts) entrada feminine Spain
      (on large amounts) pie masculine Chile
      (on small amounts) depósito masculine
      (on small amounts) señal feminine
      (on small amounts) seña feminine River Plate
      a small deposit secures any article se reserva cualquier artículo dejando una pequeña seña River Plate
      • he put down a deposit on the car hizo una entrega inicial para el coche
      • a 10% deposit,a deposit of 10% (on house, car etc) una entrega inicial del 10%
      • Fat deposits can form around your stomach and upper back.
      • These so-called amyloid deposits accumulate extracellularly in various organs.
      • The cost of buying property is now, in many cases, cheaper than renting and certainly high rents put the squeeze on individuals and couples hoping to save enough for a deposit on a house.
      • The lowermost deposit in an accumulation is the indicator of the oldest event, or period, in the depositional record.
      • The survey found the average rent in Dublin for a one-bedroom apartment was €950 a month and many buyers were able to afford this while saving for a deposit on a house.
      • An early Iron Age deposit survived intact, with an excellent accumulation of cultural deposits.
      • Use them on barbecue grills and untreated oven racks for stubborn deposits when damage to surface is not important.
      • If interested you are asked to give an answer as soon as possible as a deposit is required by the middle of December.
      • The result is a sooty deposit on one of the electrodes that contains columns filled with nanotubes.
      • She had resigned herself to accepting a check that she'd negotiated with the developer for the deposit on a new place.
      • Full membership between now and April 2005 is available for a modest deposit with the balance payable on May 1, 2004.
      • They are useful if you need a lump sum, perhaps to put down a deposit on a second home or buy-to-let.
      • Sweat and swimming can weaken strands substantially, so be sure to rinse hair and scalp after a workout or swim to remove drying, damaging salt and chlorine deposits.
      • The alkaline action of raw juices dissolves the accumulation of deposits around the joints and in other tissue.
      • Persimmon said then that the acquisition of 20,000 shares was merely a deposit on a conditional contract to buy the ground, subject to planning permission and vacant possession.
      • After several months without bottle recycling, college students recently staged a protest by collecting bottles on campus and trying to hand them in as a deposit on their tuition fees.
      • The developers are offering a 5 per cent discount on list prices for anyone who places a reservation deposit on the day.
      • This peptide collects in the brain of Alzheimer's patients and forms protein deposits which can damage and even destroy the sensitive nerve cells.
      • Mr. Power said he accepted that the measure would cause trouble for those who had put a deposit on a property but had not signed a contract.
      • Birth defects and complications are also being missed because ultrasound waves are unable to penetrate large fat deposits.
      • No matter how many miles are on them, your mechanic should replace the spark plugs if they're oil or carbon-fouled, if they're covered with deposits, or if the electrode is worn.
      • It helped pay the deposit on our house when securing the mortgage.
      • Besides leaving salt deposits, rusting internal parts and causing valve damage, water in an engine also makes short work of pistons and cylinders.
      • Residents and visitors still are waiting the high tide of June 4th to eliminate all trace of that troublesome deposit and restore the beach to its pristine beauty.
      • Lowry then used the balance as a deposit on a property at Cheadle near Manchester.
      • Mr. Moldenhauer insisted in his evidence that he had merely offered to make up some or all of the loss of the deposit by reducing his commission in future deals with Mr. Wemyss.
      • Frequently, this is due to cholesterol deposits and damage in the blood vessels.
      • ‘Placer’ gold deposits are those that accumulate in the sediments of stream beds.
      • The shares had simply been bought to secure the deposit on the contract.
      • The children of farming communities should have the opportunity to come back to their own area, whether they want to build here themselves or sell a site to put a deposit on a house elsewhere.
      • Given the difficulty of saving enough cash to pay the deposit on a new home, how much are first-time buyers actually borrowing?
      • That the deposit accumulated in a relatively short period of time and was not built up gradually as the result of daily disposal of rubbish is indicated by several lines of evidence.
      • The Aral Sea, with its thick deposits of salt and chemicals, is now the biggest single collection of dust in the world.
      • The amount charged was recorded as a deposit on an invoice.
      • All wishing to participate should book their place and pay a deposit as soon as possible.
      • He said the problems were compounded by large salt deposits washed up from the sea which would leave a trail on the windows of homes and businesses in the wake of the storm.
      • This product is specifically designed to remove oily deposits without damaging the surface of the plane.
      • The typical customer would be an individual who was saving to buy a new car or to put a deposit on a house.
      • Liposuction is a surgical procedure which uses a suction device to permanently remove unwanted deposits of fat tissue.
      • There are only a small number of tickets left so to avoid disappointment book your place with any committee member and pay your deposit as soon as possible.

    • 1.3(security)

      depósito masculine
      fianza feminine
      is there a deposit on this bottle? ¿cobran el envase?
      • So sure was I of Chris coming through with the loan approval that I'd begun patching up my apartment so I could get my damage deposit back when I moved out.
      • He is still finding it hard to get a damage deposit together and notes that even if he had the money, many landlords don't want to rent from someone whose current address is a shelter.
      • As a landlord you can refuse to return their deposit if they have caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.
      • Some hotels ask you to pay a damage deposit when you check-in in case something like this happens.
      • Sometimes the loans were for a few hundred bucks, money to buy an old car to drive to work in or to put down as a security deposit on an apartment.
      • The most a landlord can ask for in terms of a damage deposit is the last month's rent, payable before the tenant occupies a unit.
      • To weather these delays, framers not only should have enough cash in reserve, but also should require an up-front deposit to cover initial costs.
      • The beautiful thing is that when they decide to move on, they can keep the damage deposit.
      • Most pet deposits simply don't come close to covering the damage caused by pets.
      • I then carefully drove it home and took it to the lawyers, where I handed it over as the security deposit on my house.
      • Nevertheless, Chang has promised that all security deposits will be returned as soon as possible after they had been claimed.
      • They can function in addition to or as a replacement for a standard pet deposit which generally only covers minor damage.
      • The damage deposit covered their final month's rent but their lease was obviously dead.
      • The agreement should also lay down rules for the eventual return of any deposit against damages that you ask for, and you should inform any mortgage lender - although this is usually a formality.
      • Force convicted slumlords to give damage deposits to the government.
      • He mumbles an unheard one-liner about losing his damage deposit as he wrenches the door of the moving car open and dives inelegantly inside.
      • Landlords are not allowed to ask for first and last months' rent or a damage deposit.

    • 1.4British

      to lose one's deposit perder el depósito al no obtener el mínimo de votos estipulado
      • They fought 496 seats and lost their deposit in 451.
      • He attracted only 1,392 votes and lost his deposit.
      • Even if you turn up and vote for a man dressed as a banana you'll at least have the satisfaction of knowing when the announcements are made, someone who just wanted to have a bit of fun hasn't lost their deposit.
      • A candidate shall lose his deposit if he has received less than six percent of the number of valid ballots in the election and has failed to win a seat in the subsequent election run-off.
      • At the general election of 1950, it put up 100 candidates, lost both its seats, and forfeited 97 deposits.

      depósito que se paga para poder presentarse como candidato a diputado

  • 2

    (of silt, mud) depósito masculine
    (of dust, particles) capa feminine
    (at bottom of wine bottle) posos masculine
    (at bottom of wine bottle) heces feminine
  • 3

    (of gas) depósito masculine
    (of gold, copper) yacimiento masculine
    • Rising magmas are the essential component for building the mineral deposits of the Andes.
    • Mineral deposits include oil and natural gas, gold, uranium, bauxite, nickel, and cobalt.
    • Chinese companies are interested in Mongolia's largely unexplored coal deposits and other mineral reserves.
    • What was at stake, and what prompted the woman's presentation, was pressure from gas interests to further develop natural gas deposits in the area.
    • Lemmon says the rock samples and mineral deposits tend to point to a large area of water that once existed on Mars, such as a lake or even a sea.
    • More than a moving vehicle to carry away natural deposits of rock and shale, the river takes with it whatever it is given.
    • Mining activities for these mineral deposits can be traced back two thousand years.
    • Because much of the evidence is literally microscopic, it is possible, with good deposits like these at Harnham, to learn a great deal about an ancient environment from even very small excavations.
    • In addition to the dominant Precambrian and Paleozoic rocks, there are small deposits of Mesozoic rocks on the island as well.
    • All of the blasting and tunneling that went on at the site riddled the mountain with fractures, exposing enormous areas of rock and mineral deposits to oxygen and water.
    • Mongolia, population 2.3 million, lives on mostly undeveloped land with so much mineral wealth that coal deposits sit on the desert surface.
    • In the Lagan Valley the boulder clay is often covered by later glacial deposits.
    • This issue may become important in years to come as mineral deposits and other natural resources are discovered, as may the impact of the increasing number of tourists visiting the continent.
    • Most parts of the dry sea floor are covered with deposits of billions of tonnes of toxic salts, brought there over the decades with the water seeping from the fields into the rivers.
    • Asbestos is a fibrous mineral mined from rock deposits.
    • The removal of huge amounts of material from the underground deposit causes massive subsidence at the surface.
    • The rich mineral deposits surrounding Iron Town generate plenty of wealth to go around.
    • The first step in the mining is removing the overburden - the topsoil, muskeg, sand, clay and gravel - that covers the deposits.
    • In these deposits, it is possible to observe changes over many years which are recorded, providing information about past environments.
    • Seventeen miles due west is the White Sands National Monument, 300 square miles of white gypsum dunes, the largest gypsum deposit in the world.