Translation of depot in Spanish:


depósito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdipoʊ//ˈdɛpoʊ//ˈdɛpəʊ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(storehouse)

      depósito masculine
      almacén masculine
      • That collection was severely hit after many pieces were destroyed by a fire in a storage depot in May, causing millions of pounds worth of damage.
      • Based in Chicago, he was employed as a night watchman in a cold storage depot, being supplied with a gun.
      • A supermarket spokeswoman said yesterday: ‘We have lots of food in our depots and we are not concerned about possible shortages.’
      • Millions of mosquitoes swarmed over a food depot used by aid agencies to feed tens of thousands of people left destitute by floods.
      • The sites include oil refineries, fuel and gas depots, waste chemical storages, and chemical manufacturing plants.
      • Furthermore, the museum's extensive in-house storage depot is now accessible to visitors, by appointment.
      • He says the government is trying to secure loans to build granaries and depots to store food to help the people through difficult times.
      • Shelters are constructed for officers, and depots for the storage and distribution of supplies are also erected.
      • There are also plans to free up more space at the port by pumping liquids such as petroleum, and cement to storage depots outside the city centre.
      • A food storage depot was looted and burned down during the night and businesses were badly hit by the tense atmosphere yesterday.
      • Nonetheless, we had to move northwards to our depot of food and fuel.
      • Protesters have hit out at a company's plans to expand its already huge food distribution depot beside the main road.
      • To control the operation of radioactive material storage depots, the bureau will check on their registration and organize spot examinations.
      • Food depots were sometimes hard to relocate, and days on end of cut rations made the men's thoughts always drift back to food.
      • The depot is used for storage and a base for teams of workers involved in highways and building maintenance, street cleaning, parks and countryside work. search news
      • They have prevented the government building granaries and food depots that could store grain from one year to the next.
      • Two pipelines at a petrochemical storage depot nearby reportedly have ruptured, but no leaks were detected.
      • Efforts were made to trace the owner before it was taken to a storage depot but no one came forward - until yesterday.
      • It is believed the stores depot at the site of the manufacturing plant could stay open to continue to distribute the parts.
      • During the famine years it was used as a depot to distribute food to the starving people.

    • 1.2Military

      depósito masculine
      • The badge dates back to 1918 when King George V visited the depot of the Royal Marines in Kent.
      • As a rule the naval assemblies were directed by the commanding officers of ports and naval depots, their highest body being the general meeting convened not less than once a year with a permission of the port commander.
      • The road from the guard gate to the recruit depot, the publicly accessible part of the base, is built up from the swampland that borders on both sides.
      • I was handed over to a training depot who decided to make an example of me.
      • A connecting track actually runs through the army depot.
      • Michael was a captain in the army general training depot in the 1950s.
      • The depot is the Army's center of technical excellence for air defense and tactical missile ground support equipment.
      • Local Army Cadets and possibly naval Cadets will also parade from the depot in the future.
      • The four recruiting depots have been busy all day, air raid warning tests have been heard across the city this evening, and posters are calling for volunteers for first aid.
      • Currently, the regional army commanders are responsible for their respective regional army depots, logistics support units, and medical units.
      • This would usually happen within days of arrival at the training depot.
      • The administration should be in charge of depots, bases, messes and munition stocks.
      • During the Second World War he served in a training depot and did clerical work before spending a year with the Army in Belgium.
      • Company soldiers travelled for more than five hours from their depot to compete in the competition.
      • Military depots fifty years ago usually had a large network of railway tracks, as much of their traffic, human and otherwise, tended to arrive and depart by rail.
      • The group of around 16 protesters are in a stand-off with police at the military depot.
      • A succession of forts and a military depot stood on what was the main road northwards.
      • This was mirrored in England by the establishment of regimental depots after the army reforms.
      • The new depot boasts state of the art facilities and a large training area.
      • The fog begins to lift around the time he arrives at the training depot for the British army in Scotland.

  • 2US

    (bus station) terminal feminine
    (bus station) terminal masculine Chile
    (bus station) estación de autobuses feminine
    (train station) estación feminine
    • There may also be requests for bus depots and other civic amenities, for which we may acquire more land.
    • The resistance movement rescued downed pilots, radioed military movements to London, and sabotaged German railway depots.
    • In this situation, key facilities such as bus terminals and depots would remain available for common use as part of the public transport system.
    • The present depot at Soho is a product of the privatised railway.
    • The depot of the Alabama Midland Railway was also a hub of activity.
    • Besides which, patrol vans have been stationed outside bus depots all over the city.
    • Money was a problem for the sort of sets Welles wanted to use, but in the end he was able to film most of what he wanted at the abandoned Paris railway depot, the Gare d' Orsay.
    • For much of the early 1900s, the train depot was the heart of Lemon Grove, California.
    • Now, as I stand with my head bowed in shame, I would like to thank the City bus depot for their excellent service.
    • This has led to long security lines at airports and no screenings whatsoever at train stations and bus depots.
    • Have you heard the rumours of a tunnel under the Viaduct, or the one connecting the main Post Office basement to the railway depot?
    • Alongside the depot is the signal house dated at 1886.
    • But others said local communities already are spending money, such as by improving train depots.
    • A sensual adventure that had begun at the Royal Bush and found its final resting place behind the Kings Cross railway depot was starting to unravel.
    • Adjacent to the rail station is a bus depot that accommodates Greyhound and SMART, making this a true intermodal station.
    • A tourist trolley car was the only operating piece of equipment this day, and they were using the old train depot on the north side of the property for all boardings.
    • The plan included renovating the train depot a couple of blocks from the tower.
    • Intent on their hobby, they are the kind of creature you might see on a Sunday morning at a steam railway depot, or perhaps in the administrative office of a remote Salvation Army station.
    • The future is also brightened with plans for a new home, an old railway depot converted into performing spaces and studios.
    • The moment of explicit defiance of command authority came most often at railway depots or other embarkation points.
  • 3

    (storage area)
    • 3.1British (for buses)

      garage masculine Latin America
      cochera feminine Spain
      depósito masculine Chile
      • Well, the depot's still there, but the houses around it have long since ceased to be for the exclusive use of railway workers.
      • Major bus routes serviced by the striking depots have been totally disrupted.
      • Having a bus company depot separate from a bus station is not unusual.
      • Haworth is the railway's headquarters, boasting a locomotive depot where visitors can view the steam leviathans under repair or restoration.
      • I've been informed that as soon as the trains in the depots have been checked, normal services will be resumed.
      • The buses will also be finishing early on Christmas Eve, with vehicles back in the depot by 8pm.
      • The company employs 5,500 people in Britain, many of them at train maintenance depots.
      • And if the assets are also sold they claim it would give contractors responsibility for their upkeep and the flexibility to relocate depots according to service demand.
      • As reported last week, it dropped plans to sell-off its vehicle depots as part of the deal following fears that it would leave winter road maintenance in the lurch.
      • One modern case of contamination that has already been dealt with is at a different location, formerly a Council depot where vehicle maintenance was carried out.
      • In the past, diesel locos and coaches, which formed services on the West of England line, had been maintained at several depots.
      • At the event, the company also showed off a new depot, which will house Grand Express and other wagons.
      • The adjacent building is occupied by one of his operations and houses a truck-servicing depot and a roadworthy centre.
      • There was also a bomb attack on a house and a taxi depot was burned out in the city.
      • They work in six depots running services across Newcastle and Northumberland.
      • The depot, which houses minibuses plying the route, was empty when the bottle exploded.
      • Meanwhile 40 jobs will be created at a York depot to maintain the fleet.
      • The drivers immediately discharged their passengers and drove their buses back to the depots, bringing transport services in Edinburgh to a virtual standstill for three hours.
      • They will be maintained at new depots to be built in Manchester and York.
      • The company is already looking for bids to take over part or all of its entire fleet of 40,000 vehicles plus 180 depots and workshops.

    • 3.2British (for trains)

      depósito de locomotoras masculine