Translation of derivative in Spanish:


carente de originalidad, adj.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈrɪvətɪv//dəˈrɪvədɪv/


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    (painting/novel) carente de originalidad
    (theme/plot) manido
    (plot/theme) trillado
    (writer/artist) adocenado
    • However, he is not a derivative imitator of classic Japanese cinema, but one of its original though sadly neglected film-makers.
    • The whole album is so fresh and so distantly related to anything that has come out in years that it begs for attention in a sea of Pop Idols, derivative rock/metal and endless amounts of Hip Hop.
    • When you are depressed and isolated anything you write is totally derivative and self-obsessed.
    • Moreover, says the performer, that painful experience is what led Shakespeare to become more than a sharp-tongued wit, more than the derivative writers of his era and ours.
    • And so I started switching from these endless derivative novels to trying to write parts for actors, and I've been doing so ever since.
    • It's equally hard to find good things to say about the meandering plot or the derivative music of the film.
    • They customarily provided a plan or plot summary of the new offering, a convention that made the repetitive and derivative nature of modern playwriting all the more obvious.
    • Instead, it is a mélange of mainstream-friendly comedy and storytelling on the theme of love - brutally honest and quite funny, if somewhat derivative.
    • This assumption has moreover been used to portray Native American writing as derivative and imitative of Western literary traditions.
    • Part of this attitude is indicative of an anxiety that film might still be regarded as a derivative medium, always in any comparison a poor imitation of literature.
    • He will release the derivative work as an MP3 single.
    • The state-of-the-art animation techniques and the space flight sequences look impressive, but fail to inject any excitement into the lifeless and derivative plot.
    • Buyers were delighted to have something to sell, but I felt that the show was too derivative, and betrayed a lack of the energy and fire that made him such an entertaining part of our fashion week.
    • I suppose she is a cultural phenomenon that cannot be ignored, but I find her programme, and the derivative imitators to be deadly dull and no substitute for actual thought.
    • Would Fitzgerald have been disappointed by the derivative script grounded in the conventions of the nineteenth-century realist novel?
    • It can play towards the determination of whether the case is a full-on copyright case or whether it is a case of the infringer creating a derivative work.
    • This underscores the derivative nature of his performance and this movie.
    • If I take the Grimm stories, and make a new derivative work out of them, I get a new copyright, even though the old work is still in the public domain.
    • For a musical about one the century's most original artists, there was a whole lot of derivative going on.
    • All art, all thought was a creative activity, not an imitative or derivative one.
    • I particularly remember a poem which was very derivative of English poetry called ‘Fugue’ by Neville Dawes, a Jamaican novelist and poet.
    • With gameplay more derivative of the Harlem Globetrotters than the NBA, players bust insane ankle-breaking moves to confuse and fake out opponents on their way to the hoop.
    • More derivative software based on the company's code is likely soon.
    • The curators must exhibit art that clearly demonstrates the relationship between the two schools - which often means showing the modern work that is most derivative of the Spanish example.
    • In 1913 he was overwhelmed by the European modernism exhibited at the Armory Show and his style entered an eclectic, derivative phase, influenced by Gauguin, Matisse, and van Gogh.
    • These include equities, bonds, currencies and more complex derivative products such as futures and option products.
    • Given recent developments in calculation and derivative products, new opportunities are now available in portfolio construction and trading.
    • Foreign banks have a more sophisticated system for evaluating and pricing credit risks associated with derivative products.
    • This is because they buy complex derivative products to mirror the performance of the underlying stock market index or indices which are not transparently priced.
    • It is possible to use unrealized gains in financial assets (including derivative contracts) as collateral for further purchases.
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    (in industry)
    derivado masculine
    petroleum derivatives derivados del petróleo
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    (word) derivado masculine
    (language) lengua derivada feminine
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    derivada feminine
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    derivado masculine
    derivada feminine