Translation of descend in Spanish:


descender, v.

Pronunciation /dɪˈsɛnd//dəˈsɛnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (move downwards)
    (plane/path/hill) descender formal
    (plane/hill/path) bajar
    • Angel walked the hallways without trouble until she turned at the right hallway and saw several flights of steps descending before her.
    • Slowly, strained, the grate lifted and hung twenty feet above the opening, revealing a flight of stairs that descended downwards.
    • We finally got over the dune and we began descending.
    • Thunder, lightning, and buckets upon buckets of rain descended on the city.
    • She pushed a button, and a large flight of stairs descended from the ship to the ground.
    • In moments I descend to depths I would have assumed impossible without scuba gear.
    • The machine whirred to life and slowly began descending.
    • The road descended through weedy habitat full of sparrows and Red-winged Blackbirds.
    • A quarter of a mile further on, at the eastern limb of the bay, the path descended steeply, zig-zagging across the cliff face to a stretch of beach to the east of Holland Point.
    • The road descended, and at the foot of the hill I entered the village.
    • We went up for a second and began descending slowly.
    • If you choose to traverse across the hole, the original descent is marked by three prominent fallen stalagmites in front of you, with a slope descending from them.
    • The elevator begins descending, and as daylight disappears, all is silent and darkness envelops us.
    • A path descends north from this bealach and snakes over rough ground to a rocky basin, passing between two small lochans.
    • Caroline leapt out of the van as heavy rain began to descend.
    • Broad flights of steps descended directly into the azure water.
    • Doors slid silently closed behind him and he began to descend.
    • They all board the elevator and the door shuts as they begin descending.
    • Huge drops of falling rain descended from the heavy clouds above.
    • The aircraft continued at altitude for two minutes and then descended rapidly.
    • From the summit, the path descends alongside the wall until a narrow rocky cleft is reached.
    • For traffic driving east, the road descends down a gradient of 0.023 through a wooded area with trees overhanging the road on both sides.
    • The black cloud descended lower over them as the car jolted over the pothole strewn country lane through the hills.
    • On entering you are confronted by the corrugated stone underside of the ascending flight, the inverse of the other flight descending in front of you.
    • As we began descending from mountains into the desert, I saw agaves, cacti, and ocotillo thriving on the dry, rugged slopes.
    • The path descended, but the light was definitely growing brighter.
    • It began descending at full throttle and crashed one mile from the point of its liftoff.
    • From the lay-by, the path descends slightly to a gate.
    • They began descending, eventually touching back down on the roof.
    • I felt colder and colder as I descended and was beginning to shiver uncontrollably midway down the mountain.
    • The docks are high over the black water, which slams against the retaining walls; stone steps descend, made slippery by seaweed.
    • As we began descending, he reminded me to check my altitude and the terrain.
    • He watched as it began descending and landed miles away from where they stood.
    • Alas this was not to be as a deluge of rain descended and the dancing had to be abandoned.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in importance)

      descender formal
      • This is where operators prioritise in descending order the exchanges where they want a presence.
      • According to what we understand about the effects of priming, the opposite would be predicted - lower thresholds derived from the descending than the ascending order.
      • You can then decide on posting order: whether alphabetically or by date, ascending or descending.
      • With only 10 slots, the shuffled deck consists of 20 groups of cards that alternate between ascending and descending card orders.
      • In descending order the top five nationalities are Samoa, Tonga, China, Thailand, and Great Britain.
      • This will either sort the list ascending or descending.
      • Such shifts have been described for both response rates and threshold determinations when both ascending and descending orders of current or frequency values are presented.
      • You can also choose to display from 10 to 100 items per page, in descending or ascending order.

    • 2.2descending present participle

      descending scale escala diacrónica descendente feminine
      • in descending order en orden decreciente / descendente
      • in descending order of importance en orden decreciente / descendente de importancia

  • 3

    (set in)
    (mist) descender formal
    (rain) caer
    (silence/gloom) abatirse literary
    • By the time they had finished, darkness had descended completely outside.
    • Darkness descended all to quickly upon the three riders in their silent but desperate flight.
    • It's all picture perfect, even if the night does descend rather early and hangs on for hours on end.
    • And then, as darkness descended, two sets of supporters assumed position.
    • By now it was nearly 4pm and darkness was descending fast.
    • At that moment a sudden darkness descended upon the house.
    • By the time everyone was done, darkness had descended.
    • When the air became chilly and darkness descended, they lit lanterns and retired to a rustic shelter.
    • When darkness descended we hurriedly cleared the kitchen table in order to commence our fretwork.
    • During autumn and winter, darkness descends at about 4pm and the area dies once children have left the two local schools.
    • She looked around fearfully and shivered slightly as she entered, the cool darkness descending ominously upon her.
    • Darkness was beginning to descend and it was time for the happy couple to make the long journey home again where Mick's plan was to have a few pints in his local before closing time.
    • Candles and torches were brought out as darkness descended over Malmesbury.
    • However as things stand right now, darkness is descending, work is finished for the day, and no planting has yet taken place.
    • My depression descends on me really suddenly, and… when I am there I can't… move… within it.
    • It was now a matter of time before the moonless darkness of night descended.
    • A thick tension descended on them suddenly as their eyes locked.
    • Head lowered, she raised her arms, and the gloom descended to envelope us, as if she had pulled it down as a comforting blanket.
    • I'm not sure if it was because of the laughing or because of the sudden depression that descended upon me.
    • By 6pm each evening, the village descends into complete darkness.
    • As darkness descends, standing there looking over us, the tree takes on an almost human demeanour, especially when it is lit by a rising full moon.
    • Finally, darkness descended and we - the younger members - met in front of Ed's house as planned.
    • Night was quickly descending, and despite the fact that the teens had slept late into the day, their actions since awakening had tired them out considerably.
    • A sudden aura of seriousness descended upon us and we returned our sober attention to the doctor.
    • An hour later, as darkness was slowly descending on this warm provincial town, we started the recording.
  • 4

    to descend to sth/-ing rebajarse a algo/+ inf
    • I wouldn't descend to lying no me rebajaría a mentir
    • don't descend to his level no te pongas a su nivel
    • You say cable news squanders its resources by descending to tabloid sensationalism, personality cult shows and aping talk radio with high-testosterone shout shows.
    • Politics now dominates - and the level of civility descends to new lows.
    • Sometimes the physical instincts are elevated to a spiritual level and often the spiritual being descends to a baser life.
    • Anyone who descends to such cheap jibes with nothing more substantial to say is just making himself ridiculous.
    • She never descended to self-pity but preserved in herself a sense of identity and personal dignity that made her so valuable to any whom she befriended.
  • 5

    • 5.1to descend from(be descended)

      to descend from sb ser descendiente de algn
      • The Benn boys were descended from politicians on both sides of the family.
      • Although he is descended from Russian aristocracy, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
      • Through their oral tradition, they have maintained that they were descended from earlier Jews.
      • In 1940 the island had a population of just over 1,000 people, the vast majority of whom were descended from freedmen who had acquired the land after the civil war.
      • Life on Earth looks as if it's descended from a common ancestor.
      • It will give some clarity to one's understanding of whom one is descended from.
      • Perhaps also the evolutionists could explain their assumption that man is descended from apes.
      • White hart deer graze the lawns, said to be descended from two white harts given by Elizabeth 1 to her god-child.
      • As I am putting on my coat she tells me about an American geneticist who has discovered that everyone in the world is descended from just seven women.
      • The findings show that more than 95 percent of dogs in this group were descended from three original female ancestors.
      • They were descended from a family which had once enjoyed respect and honour.
      • Too many people think evolution is the idea that people are descended from apes.
      • When I realised that I was descended from this man, I felt intense sadness, anger and shame.
      • After 16 years of trawling through documents, the genealogist unearthed proof that Laurence was descended from the female side of the clan.
      • Legend says he was descended from one of the Magi who visited the baby Jesus and was both priest and king.
      • His mother was of Scots extraction and his father was descended from Belgian bourgeoisie.
      • Their father was descended from three generations of sea captains.
      • The mouse and human genomes descended from a common ancestor some 75 million years ago.
      • This character is common to all animals as the result of their being descended from a common multicellular ancestor that also possessed this character.
      • The island's population - made up of Chinese, Malays and Europeans - is descended from indentured labour brought in to work the deposits of phosphate of lime discovered in 1887.

    • 5.2(be inherited)

      (tradition/custom) provenir
      this ring has descended through generations este anillo ha ido pasando de generación en generación
      • concepts which descend to us from the Greeks conceptos que nos vienen / que hemos heredado de los griegos
      • He remarried, and after his own death in 1556, his property descended to his son William.
      • Heathcliff dies intestate, the property descends - as it should - to the young lovers, and the two great houses revert to their dynastic owners.
      • Subject to her right of dower, the estate descended to his two sons.
      • In accordance with Colonel Brooke's will, her property descended to her daughter, whose husband thus became possessed of a respectable income
      • He had three wives and the estate descended to the son of his third wife.

transitive verb

  • 1

    descender formal