Translation of descriptor in Spanish:


palabra descriptiva, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈskrɪptər//dɪˈskrɪptə/


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    palabra descriptiva feminine
    • Next, I determined whether the literature distribution is different across different key word descriptors describing environmental endocrine disruption.
    • We included single words, short and long phrases, rhymes, names of numbers, and other descriptors and action word phrases.
    • Values are expressed as mean [+ or -] SD, and the word descriptors are expressed as [chi square] or by p value.
    • The descriptor words themselves appeared one or more times within a particular obituary or across different obituaries.
    • Word descriptors reflect the distinct qualities of the language of breathlessness, and as health professionals, we must ask the correct symptom questions to determine the appropriate interventions.
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    descriptor masculine
    • Since Linux stores the process descriptor and the kernel mode process stack in a single 8KB memory area, we can use this fact and avoid allocating memory for labeling the subjects.
    • Scanning an array of descriptors or waiting for data consumes processing time.
    • Method of scheduling interrupts to the linked lists of transfer descriptors scheduled at intervals on a serial bus
    • The use of the descriptor to steer the data into the transmit buffer or out of the receive buffer allows a simplified hardware implementation as compared to prior art methods that must examine and count the data as it is transferred.
    • System calls also serve this generalization function across programming languages; e.g., the read system call will read data from a file descriptor.