Translation of deselect in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌdisəˈlɛkt//diːsɪˈlɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1British

    (Member of Parliament) no reelegir como candidato a diputado
    • I understood that he had stood down from his council posts, not the council, and had been deselected from the Labour Party.
    • If those signatures are presented, despite the strong support from Central Office, he will face another vote and could be deselected.
    • Direct appeals to the leader for help in settling internal disagreements fell on deaf ears and the 56-year-old was deselected at a meeting in December.
    • She is said to be interested in standing as their candidate if he is deselected.
    • He still believes it was unlawful to sack him without allowing the constituency party to reaffirm or deselect him first.
    • The politician, who ran for the Green Party in last year's General Election, could be deselected as the party's candidate in next summer's City Council elections if the vote of no confidence is passed.
    • If they cause trouble they get bought off, deselected or expelled.
    • Some councillors stand down, some are deselected and some are rejected by the electorate.
    • A lot of those who were named were deselected or resigned.
    • Around 18 months ago the issue blew up spectacularly after more than 40 party members signed a petition demanding that she be deselected.
    • He said: ‘I am calling on him to make an example of him and deselect him as the Conservative Party's candidate.’
    • The government that puts up income tax explicitly is the government that deselects itself.
    • Some local members believe the sitting MSP should be deselected for failing to properly deal with local resentment.
    • Residents have criticised a decision to keep two deselected members in the cabinet.
    • Asked if he thought she would be deselected, he said: ‘There's a distinct possibility, yes.’
    • Her position was rendered even more precarious when a formal petition to deselect her was signed by about 40 members last month.
    • A conservative election candidate who was deselected after a row over vote-rigging has been reinstated after a climbdown by party chiefs.
    • Ultimately she could be deselected after more than twenty years as an MP.
    • She handed in her party membership card after she failed a fast-track basic skills test for sitting councillors and was deselected.
    • The Tory member could face a battle to deselect him as the party's candidate at the general election.
  • 2

    • The effect palette allows you to quickly select and deselect color controls like levels, brightness, and curves, which helps you avoid retracing steps to make color changes.
    • The first thing to do, since we won't be doing video editing, is deselect the Record buttons on the two audio channels and click Delete Tracks in the Tracks menu.
    • Configure the category simply by selecting or deselecting check boxes.
    • Alternatively, let me deselect particular sections - in my case sport, crosswords, entertainment, all the ‘home and living’ stuff - then routinely send me the rest.
    • These devices can be selected or deselected if you want them to be seen.
    • After you've filled your text, you can either create the shadow effect or ‘right click’ on your mouse to deselect your text.
    • To get the configuration dialog for the sound card, demo mode has to be deselected.
    • The ability to select and deselect the files from the preview menu was hardly friendly, and I was initially left quite discouraged.
    • It takes only a long click on the application icon then selecting / deselecting the run-in compatibility mode icon to give it a try.
    • Core packages must be installed and cannot be deselected.
    • The dual display saves time and effort, eliminating much of the selecting, deselecting, maximizing, minimizing, opening and closing of programs.
    • Selecting or deselecting class names in the Tree pane will modify the members shown in the member's list.
    • With the number of toolbars installed by default, you're never far away from a search box, though you can calm this down a little by right-clicking and deselecting individual toolbars if you find yourself crowded out.
    • I firmly believe in taking the custom route, deselect any options that you don't think you need and only select those that you do.
    • The program counted errors when either an illegal move was made or when a participant selected and then deselected a ball.
    • Try to center it as well as possible, but don't deselect it.
    • Now go back to the Layers dialog, select the Red channel and deselect the Green.
    • But fortunately this time round I deselected the ‘don't ask on start-up’ option, which appears on the initial start up.
    • In most cases, this preference is as simple as deselecting the ‘burn on the fly’ option in most CD recording applications.
    • My own preference is to leave this option deselected.