Translation of designate in Spanish:


nombrar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛzɪɡneɪt//ˈdɛzɪɡˌneɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (name officially)
    they designated me as their spokesman me nombraron portavoz del grupo
    • the area was designated a national park la zona fue declarada parque nacional
    • Industrial incubators are specially designated areas that provided SMEs with tools and resources to assist them run their businesses.
    • In January 2005 the agency eliminated all but 8,300 acres of the 21,000 acres previously designated as critical habitat.
    • The Iron Age site was recently designated as Swindon fourth official local nature reserve.
    • We follow the general rules of zebrafish nomenclature for designating locus and allele names.
    • In Belarus over 1.5 million people still live in officially designated contaminated territories.
    • The neighborhood has been newly designated as a historic zone.
    • Women must enter city buses by separate rear entrances and sit in specially designated sections.
    • Two conservation areas have been specifically designated to protect important field wall systems.
    • Recently more than 350 new critical habitats have been designated, the researchers wrote.
    • "There is no designated parking in the village and traffic is a problem.
    • There are several ‘Petrified Forests’ that have been designated National Treasures in the United States.
    • The land is partly designated for housing, partly for education and is part open space.
    • The area of land has been designated suitable for individual or mass flat construction and civil services.
    • The engineering status will be designated to the school from September.
    • Perhaps it might increase the awareness of the problem if we were officially to designate a day in the year in testimony to them.
    • More than 10 per cent of companies polled have designated smoking areas within the office.
    • The land is not designated for housing, and I understand the fence is extremely unsightly.
    • Indeed, nationwide, ranchers are allowed to drive into federally designated wilderness.
    • Every day he cycled to the newly designated high-tech zone seeking approval to build his business there.
    • The Official Plan also designates this site to be " residential".
  • 2formal

    three points designated A, B, C on the diagram tres puntos designados por A, B, C en el diagrama
  • 3formal



  • 1

    the governor/ambassador designate quien ha sido nombrado gobernador/embajador
    • Any company using less than their free allowance will be able to sell the balance under the scheme to which over 100 countries have signed up, including all EU states as well as the designate members.
    • Our cameras now take you to the Central Polling Office to hear from the Prime Minister designate.
    • Much has been made of the suggestion that the supposedly moderate prime minister designate intends to disband the militias.
    • He was appointed director designate in February, but was originally not to take over until December.
    • In a major shake-up of management, chief operations office becomes chief executive designate.