Translation of designer in Spanish:


diseñador, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈzaɪnər//dɪˈzʌɪnə/


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    diseñador masculine
    diseñadora feminine
    (jeans/clothes) (before noun) de diseño exclusivo
    (pen/furniture) de diseño
    a fashion/furniture designer un diseñador de modas/muebles
    • great designers like Dior los grandes modistas / diseñadores como Dior
    • set/stage designer escenógrafo
    • an industrial/automotive designer un diseñador industrial/de automotores
    • she only wears designer labels solo usa ropa muy exclusiva
    • Here in the UK we have many talented, skilled independent jewellery designers who struggle to make a living.
    • Currently, I'm thinking about trying seriously to sell myself as a freelance Web designer.
    • She had bought it from a designer clothes store, but it was too cute to pass up.
    • For example, the talented interior designer on this renovation simplified his job a great deal.
    • You don't have to have a wardrobe crammed with designer clothes to know your vital statistics in haute couture these days.
    • Examples include some designer label clothes where high price alone can add to a product's social status.
    • Jack went through his drawers of designer clothes, putting together a tasteful ensemble.
    • How did the son of a farmer from Aberdeenshire become one of the most fêted fashion designers in the world?
    • Nineteenth-century furniture designers invented chairs to foster these new relaxed positions.
    • We have high disposable incomes, designer clothes and third level degrees.
    • Don it with a pair of traditional or light blue designer jeans.
    • "Designer baby clothes earn large profit margins for the designers.
    • He was wearing a two-tone baseball cap with a dark peak and designer label on the forehead part.
    • Six young fashion designers are creating a unique range of contemporary styles from the traditional fabric of knitwear.
    • Today's optical designers face new challenges when designing and modeling refractive systems.
    • The world's top designers want to tempt with you their new looks.
    • By then, his mother had become a costume designer.
    • What is the point of expensive designer labels when the only person that gets to see that new outfit is you?
    • Designer wear brands are available through specialists who design children's clothing and sell them at boutiques.
    • So he haggled his way through several stores filled with knockoff designer clothes.
    • We are professional graphic designers who have dedicated our lives to design, not politics.
    • Fashion designers are asking for similar protection for clothing designs for three years.
    • The upper end is the upmarket end, with designer boutiques amid the sights.
    • We were never really respected by the fashion press as a designer label.
    • However, if you've just blown your euro on designer labels, there are plenty of other places to eat.
    • The software designer needs to distinguish between the improbable and the impossible.
    • Many upmarket areas have designer labels and barely worn posh clothes that can be snapped up at give-away prices.
    • Smart designer wear outlets and delightful cafes rub elegant shoulders with souvenir shops.
    • I think men are much more aware of designer labels and fashion trends than they were even a year ago.
    • They happily shop at boutiques, use blogs to guide their reading, and hire interior designers.
    • Most Web designers simply don't want to deal with code, and who can blame them?
    • Make sure you understand how your website designer creates websites.
    • The door burst open and in she walked, wearing designer clothes from head to toe.
    • Constant customer input helps provide an exponentially clearer picture of what kind of software designers need.
    • But sooner or later, you'll need to hire a professional graphic designer for help.
    • Sixty painters, sculptors, furniture makers, photographers and textile designers work in studios here.
    • Comments from the director, effects supervisor, and production designer accompany these segments.
    • Australia's top fashion designer has left the material world for a simple life of solitude and meditation.
    • All the designer boutiques will arrange for shopping bags to be sent back to the hotel.
    • You don't have to come to London to buy the latest designer wear.