Translation of despoil in Spanish:


saquear, v.

Pronunciation /dɪˈspɔɪl//dəˈspɔɪl/

transitive verb


  • 1

    (village/city) saquear
    to despoil sth/sb of sth despojar algo/a algn de algo
    • If humankind was able, finally, to make industrial progress without the factory conditions of the 19th Century; surely we have the wit and will to develop economically without despoiling the very environment we depend upon.
    • Many have reverted to despoiling the nearest remaining forest for firewood.
    • Plastic and organic waste clogs rivers, despoils the environment and fouls the seas.
    • When I spotted a deer on a hike, I took it as a sort of assurance that not everything has been despoiled and that the natural order remains at least somewhat intact.
    • This is not a charter for despoiling the countryside.
    • These atrocities are despoiling our people and our paradise as hope dwindles.
    • A caricature of greatness despoils the memory.
    • Some of the country's finest beaches are despoiled during the summer, with discarded nappies, bottles, crisp packets and even animal carcases.
    • We face a planet that is despoiled and impoverished.
    • If you despoil a whole town, if you wreck the environment for thousands of people, somebody's going to describe you as an entrepreneurial genius.
    • They claim it despoils the environment and denies human rights.
    • By our greed, we had despoiled the environment and were consuming a disproportionate share of the world's wealth and resources.
    • The facade is vandalised - not a single pane of glass remains and graffiti despoils the faience tiling - and also has extensive vegetation sprouting from the most unlikely places.
    • And at the same time as risking their lives, the youngsters are despoiling one of the area's beloved landscape features.
    • A massive expansion of wind power involving thousands of new turbines will go ahead despite increasingly bitter wrangling over claims that they are despoiling Britain's countryside.
    • Since arriving back, he said he seen numerous examples of beauty spots being despoiled.
    • Having huge 63 foot high telecommunications poles despoiling our environment is not acceptable to residents.
    • Their place in the world has been stolen; they've been despoiled of their work and their land.
    • The pollution caused by these companies despoils the environment for local communities, and some pollutants put wildlife and human health at risk.
    • However, lack of law enforcement in the area is leading to both visitors and investors despoiling the pristine area.