Translation of despotism in Spanish:


despotismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛspətɪz(ə)m//ˈdɛspəˌtɪzəm/


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    despotismo masculine
    • They smack of totalitarian despotism, and their quaint claim for absolute certainty seems anachronistic in this postmodern age of relativism and deconstruction.
    • This places limits on governments and reduces the likelihood of tyranny and despotism.
    • The fact is that every Christian government that preceded them thought that Christianity implied tyranny, despotism, and the oppression of non-Christians.
    • This kind of freedom may coincide with the cruellest despotism and with the subjugation of the overwhelming majority of the people.
    • Along with magnanimous Turks and philosophical Persians, the Chinese as exemplars of the world's greatest enlightened despotism played an important role in transforming Europe's self-image.
    • Some believe that the only solution for government in parts of the world is for there to be tyranny or despotism.
    • Today we define despotism (along with dictatorship and totalitarianism) as a form of government.
    • The more we nourish widespread ambition, the less we have to fear the overweening power of mild despotism.
    • The German law is wider, as it refers to persecution under National Socialism or any other form of despotism or tyranny.
    • The primary cause of all this danger is the Arab world's endemic despotism, corruption, poverty, and economic stagnation.
    • In a word, no distinction was now drawn between despotism, tyranny, and absolute monarchy.
    • America was born in a revolution against Western imperialism, born as a haven of freedom against the tyrannies and despotism, the wars and intrigues of the old world.
    • Cultural sovereigns in their own right, Ovid and Dante, despite official exile from their native home, had made their poetic stand against tyranny and despotism.
    • The corruption and despotism of his regime are not new phenomena.
    • He wanted to free Europe from tyranny, oppression and despotism.
    • There is still a recognizable contrast with the European experience on the continent, with absolutism and enlightened despotism.
    • That's not the rule of law; it's the arbitrary despotism of kings.
    • From exile during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period nobles and clergy who had defended their privileges against enlightened despotism before 1789 now saw things in a different light.
    • I do admire in that work your condemnation of arbitrary power and despotism as destructive of freedom.
    • The best way to do this is to actively encourage its sponsoring regimes towards democracy and away from the tyranny and despotism that breeds it.