Translation of destined in Spanish:


destinado, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈdɛstɪnd//ˈdɛstɪnd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(intended)

      food destined for distribution to the refugees alimentos destinados a ser distribuidos entre los refugiados
      • While this car is destined only for Europe, there would likely be a place for it in the U.S. market.
      • He would have been destined for a residential setting, absolutely no doubt about that.
      • While the goal-bound effort took a deflection it was always destined for the back of the net.
      • The money otherwise destined for the government is diverted instead to the tax collectors' pockets.
      • Over the next 16 years, the museum saved 16 aircraft otherwise destined for fire dumps.
      • The letters were destined for homes in Templars Firs, Dunnington Road and Glenville Road.
      • Cartloads of treasures were brought to the surface, destined for the art collection of the King of Naples.
      • But campaigners claim that exempting businesses from the law has given spammers justification to claim their spam is destined solely for business inboxes.
      • We firmly believe the recovered drugs were destined for other dealers and ultimately the streets of the town.
      • Lots of things are still grown here although they are now destined for markets all round the world.
      • At full length he diverted a scorcher destined for the top corner over the bar.
      • Finan & Co's Robert Finan said he was unable to give any details of the buyer, or the country for which the murals were destined.
      • It was destined, the FBI believe, for either the presidential retreat at Camp David, an FBI facility or the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.
      • The chicken fillets involved in last year's investigation and the current study were destined mainly for the takeaway and restaurant sector of the Irish market.
      • However, an embryo otherwise destined for the incinerator being put to good use, denies the uniqueness of humanity.
      • Fully 23 per cent of students this year failed the test, including over half of those in the applied stream destined not for university but for trade schools and apprenticeships.
      • A member of staff confirmed that any bags of tin cans left anywhere other than in the skip would be destined for landfill.
      • The new owners did not realise the importance of the statue which was covered in dust and was destined for the scrapheap.
      • He may well intend a decent slice of the cash destined for Anfield to be drawn, shamelessly, from public funds.
      • A bomb seemingly destined for the old Jewish cemetery appeared to have gone off early in a nearby street.

    • 1.2(bound, on way)

      con destino
      cargo destined for the West Indies carga con destino al Caribe

  • 2

    to be destined to + inf estar (pre)destinado a + inf
    • they were destined to meet again estaban (pre)destinados a volverse a encontrar
    • the project was destined never to get off the ground el proyecto estaba condenado a quedar en agua de borrajas
    • it was destined to fail estaba condenado al fracaso