Translation of destruct in Spanish:


destruir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈstrəkt//dɪˈstrʌkt/

transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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Military Aerospace

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    (auto)destrucción feminine
    before noun destruct button de (auto)destrucción
    • Someone needs to stay behind to set the destruct sequence.
    • So, as soon as we decided that we weren't going to bail out, we went straight into our emergency destruct plan.
    • It's called the command destruct antennae, and it gives him the ability to blow up the rocket if it becomes a danger to the public.
    • ‘I'm prepared to send the destruct codes,’ Seth said, calmly, as he watched the scene unfold before him.
    • He figured that either the Demon was out or the destruct weapon was.
    • Akra Jr seems to be on a major destruct mission at the moment and it's really getting me down.
    • The other parts of the booster are the cases, igniters, nozzles, separation systems, flight instruments, recovery avionics, pyrotechnics, deceleration systems, steering equipment, and range safety destruct systems.
    • During the 15th flight, the missile was destroyed by command destruct early in its flight.
    • In the end no disputing the justice of the result, but I suspect they will be cursing their pushing of that destruct button down Rathgormack way for days and even weeks to come.
    • Still, it remains hard to believe he will push the destruct button.
    • Now he had been firmly rebuffed, he was pressing the destruct button.
    • This is not a viable technique ethically as it is effectively creating a human embryo with a built in destruct mechanism.
    • One shows Sealab's lone sane character, Dr. Quinn, using 1-800 - Call-ATT to try to prevent Capt. Murphy from blowing up the base yet again; he gets through but Murphy hits the destruct button anyway.
    • In some cases, public safety will demand a benign destruct mode for the technology.
    • The slaughterings of bullocks and heifers - including purchase for destruct scheme - for the year to date are down by 60,000 on 2000 and the live exports of weanlings and stores are 61,000 lower than last year.