Translation of detach in Spanish:


separar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈtætʃ//dɪˈtatʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (separate) separar
    (separate) quitar
    (unstick) despegar
    to detach sth (from sth)
    • the headrest can be detached el apoyacabezas se puede desmontar / quitar
    • they became detached from the main group se separaron del grupo principal
    • to detach oneself from sth distanciarse de algo
    • All of the material of this species comprises colonies detached from their substrata and mostly in a poor condition.
    • They were unable to pull the 3,000-pound anchor to get separation between the two vessels and thus needed to detach the anchor.
    • Five mature leaves were detached from each one of ten A1 shoots belonging to five different individuals of each species.
    • That will detach the front panel - but be careful not to pull too far, or you'll yank out the front panel cables.
    • I detached myself from my own city, Leicester, and went to Leeds.
    • China sought to neutralise Australia, he said, by detaching it from the American alliance.
    • Five days before arriving, Beagle 2 will detach itself from Mars Express.
    • After her brief romance with Dudley, Elizabeth sought to detach her emotions from political considerations.
    • After detaching the signed portion, it was to be posted in the same envelope as the voting form.
    • If the units are attached to each other, you can either detach them and lower them separately or lower them as one.
    • Phaethon willingly agreed, detaching his horses from the wagons.
    • After his sudden death, it was found that a blood clot had detached itself from inside his knee and found its way into his lungs.
    • There is something rather magical in the way helicopters effortlessly detach themselves from the ground and spiral up into the sky.
    • It would set the strategic direction of the NHS and is designed to detach the service from political interference.
    • Waging war at long distance, it is argued, using computers and remotely guided missiles, detaches policy-makers from the death and the suffering for which they are responsible.
    • In order to mobilise people in support of what they perceive to be the needs of the Australian ruling class, the Greens detach politics from their economic foundations.
    • The postmaster pursued the car but the trailer detached itself from the car in the chase.
    • We stood to one side and let the march go by - partly from fascination and partly because groups of individuals were detaching themselves from the main body and harangued anyone who appeared fair game for their attention.
    • One detaches himself from the herd, I note with mild surprise, and heads outside with me.
    • And at the very end of the engine's usefulness as a propulsive force, we see a further black shape detach itself from the plane.
    • One shadow detached itself from the floor and seemed to become solid.
    • Later Lynda, Tricia, Angela, Beryl, Ros and Christine were to detach themselves from the original group after disagreeing over the forthcoming film.
    • But on his way back to the tender he unfortunately uncouples the mortar truck, detaching it from the rest of the train.
    • You mean you're actually detaching yourself from him for a week?
    • I tried to pull the bacon out, but I could only grab a slick rind, which detached itself from the main body of the blockage and left me choking.
    • In the second lap, 17 cyclists detached themselves from the main field of 110 starters.
    • Do not detach them from the parent plant at this stage.
    • We wondered had Sligo detached itself from the rest of Ireland and become an island or had the sea managed to force a new inlet in between Sligo and Mayo?
    • And later, when it detached itself from the concrete altogether, the council blamed this on vandals.
    • A shadow detached itself from the tree line, and headed in her direction.
    • The woman, in a wistful reverie, holds her hand round the cup while she waits for the tea to cool, relishing the warm china and the aromatic steam, which she watches as it detaches itself from the brim of the cup.
    • By the time the full disc of the sun detaches itself from the eastern horizon, I can see land, a bumpy darker line above the dark water.
    • Duvessa turned and saw a shadow detach itself from the garden hedge and sprint in her direction.
    • The offending fire alarm was now completely detached from the wall.
    • Three leaves were detached from the plant and cut along the mid vein into two halves.
    • Hall, who last featured for City on February 5, has now had the pot removed and stitches taken out after surgery detached a troublesome tendon in his heel.
    • It has a suitably macabre way of disposing of its victims, by detaching the head and ripping out the hypothalamus (a fairly important part of the brain).
    • In Tibet, there is a separate designation for those who can detach themselves from their physical bodies.
    • This, Stuart was told, would give enough time to detach the hooks from their mouths and let them free, with relatively little danger to the catcher.
    • If an early frost or a gale has deposited a carpet of leaves into the river, a single iron is often the only way of not spending the day detaching them after every cast.
  • 2

    • The square was then modified so that an element could be detached, marched to be adjacent to the enemy, and the enemy flanked.
    • Yamamoto's Midway Force had also detached a powerful Aleutian Screening Force to act as distant cover for Kakuta but this was withdrawn when the battle off Midway failed to go Yamamoto's way.
    • Rear Admiral Sakazawa detached Honor from the offensive in Sutran to scout the unknown wormhole in the system.
    • While in France, the 442nd was detached from the 34th Division and attached to the 36th Division of the Seventh Army.