Translation of detest in Spanish:


detestar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪˈtɛst//dəˈtɛst/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to detest -ing detestar / odiar + inf
    • I detest ironing detesto / odio planchar
    • The strongest opinion she will offer - during a long conversation peppered with rather gushing remarks about her ‘hugely interesting job’ - is that she detests reality television.
    • It is ironic that the general population hates drug dealers, but fears and often detests the police just as much.
    • I know you detest them; hate doesn't do justice to how you must feel, but you have to calm down.
    • Wodehouse is loved by Indians who loathe Kipling and detest the Raj and all its works.
    • I loathe AND detest the game - and that's all it is, kids, just a silly game.
    • Frege disliked the move to democracy, and detested it even more as the socialists gained power.
    • Some shoppers detest them intensely, while millions will use them but can't be bothered to claim the benefits.
    • In short, in a country that detests the very idea of reform, the room for manoeuvre is virtually zero.
    • These and similarly insulting fatuities are the language of a politician who detests political generalities, works mostly by innocent intuition and who is celebrated by the masses.
    • There is a difference between hating something and detesting it.
    • I hate launch week because you suddenly detest all of the work that you've put your heart into for months.
    • Today's evangelical right detests that tradition and seeks nothing short of a state-sponsored religion.
    • He loves guns, one of you detests them, the other dislikes them.
    • We might hate queue jumpers, but we also detest hypocrites and bludgers.
    • They loathe tinsel, detest office parties and abhor rum balls of all kinds.
    • Having lived for four years in China, he detests any scent of socialism, and the Democrats, with their more generous social spending, fairly reek to him.
    • But the really amazing thing is that so many others in the free world not only do not agree but loathe and detest this message and its messengers.
    • I truly detest this particular shudder-worthy side of modern town life.
    • Now while many people are afraid of mice, they can absolutely hate and detest rats!
    • But it also seems that, if you look to those who tend to dislike him, you very quickly find those who positively detest him.