Translation of dethrone in Spanish:


destronar, v.

Pronunciation /diˈθroʊn//diːˈθrəʊn//dɪˈθrəʊn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • In 1952 Egypt's King Farouk was dethroned and replaced by the pro-Sudanese General Neguib.
    • The new constitution of 1945 dethroned the king and established a federal communist party state.
    • As Eugene, Napoleon escapes by sea to return to Paris in hopes of dethroning the king and reinstating the republic.
    • When the emperor was dethroned, Diem replaced him.
    • In 1688 when the British Parliament dethroned James II and established political supremacy over the monarchy, its bill of rights became the fundamental, durable instrument of constitutional law.
    • Other Mughal rulers held on to power with diminishing influence until the year 1858, when the British dethroned the last Mughal king Bahadur shah Zarfar II.
    • The King is being dethroned, that's what's happening.
    • The King was Tian's viceroy on earth and was enthroned or dethroned at his will.
    • A critical turning point occurred in 1319 when Rinchan, a Laddakhi Buddhist Bhotia, dethroned the Hindu ruler Sahdev, and married Sahdev's wife, Kotarani.
    • Ivan Assen II, son of tsar Assen I, ascended to the throne in 1218 after dethroning the mediocre ruler Boril with the assistance of Russian and Kumanian troops.
    • Given these realities, anyone who opposes U.S. military action to dethrone him has a responsibility to suggest how he might otherwise be ushered out the back door of Baghdad.
    • The missile has been named after Zaheer uddin Babur, a Muslim commander from Central Asia who in the 15th century established Mughal dynasty, which ruled until 1857 when the last of its rulers was dethroned by the British.
    • As a result, attempts to dethrone Henry were poorly supported in England and the Yorkist pretenders (such as Lambert Simnel in 1487) failed to carry conviction.
    • For the first time in the history of Europe, a monarch was not only dethroned by the masses, but also executed.
    • In 525 B., Cambyses, the son of Cyrus the Great, led a Persian invasion force that dethroned the last pharaoh of the 26th Dynasty.
    • Valen is the last of royal blood and no one will dethrone him because no one wants the country to fall out of the hands of your family.
    • The nine-year-old King Simeon II, of the same royal house as Queen Victoria's consort, Prince Albert, was dethroned by a referendum held while Soviet troops remained in Bulgaria after World War II.
    • But, after Varennes, the mistrust built up by his long record of apparent ambivalence burst out into widespread demands from the populace of the capital and a number of radical publicists for the king to be dethroned.
    • The King was only too happy to banish them from his kingdom and to remove their titles as the Duke and Duchess were gaining too much support, and King Gavonlee was afraid they would try to dethrone him.
    • In a kingdom of northern India in 1856, the British plot to dethrone the ruler, whom they consider effete, and turn the land over to be ruled by the East India Company.