Translation of detractor in Spanish:


detractor, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈtræktər//dɪˈtraktə/


  • 1

    detractor masculine
    detractora feminine
    • The data are not without problems and detractors, but there is a considerable willingness to use the statistics.
    • His detractors may question whether he has any of the above-mentioned qualities.
    • While the situation looks positive for cannabis activists, there are detractors.
    • Of course, detractors and critics emerged instantaneously out of the woodwork.
    • In the print world, it's safe to say, making sure that one's detractors are heard is much rarer.
    • After all, fans and detractors are equally anonymous on the internet.
    • What really earns the rancour of the project's detractors though is the motivation behind it.
    • My detractors never acknowledge that their resentment comes from a place of their own inadequacy.
    • Their detractors were few along their short trek down Main Street to the MP's office.
    • Both had an undeserved reputation for pretension and a sharp sense of humour that went over the heads of many of their detractors.
    • Because if I'm going to fly in the face of possible detractors I'd prefer to do it with pretty hair.
    • Interestingly, Rick had not decimated his vile detractors and signified that he was a saint.
    • The ulterior motive of this salvo seemed to be a two-fingered assault on United's recent detractors.
    • The racing of horses therefore has a long and mostly honourable tradition, but the sport has always had its detractors.
    • Certainly, while praise has run far and wide, the film has had its detractors.
    • We can do as well as our detractors do: there is no magic in their success, nor inevitability in our humiliation.
    • Even some of the staunchest detractors of the idea now appear willing to at least reassess their stand.
    • Every detractor, accuser, finger-pointer, critic, opponent, enemy, investigator was faced down and confronted by a politician who seemed to be made of pure granite.
    • Every public project has its detractors, and the air fills to the sound of axes grinding every time Holyrood is mentioned.
    • Gaining in confidence as the day progressed, he looked like he could prove all his detractors wrong.