Translation of develop in Spanish:


desarrollar, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈvɛləp//dəˈvɛləp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (improve) desarrollar
      (perfect) perfeccionar
      (foster) fomentar
      (foster) promover
      • As a new site feature, these blogs will grow and develop into living, breathing areas for the exchange of links, thoughts, and information.
      • As he grew he developed into a fine-looking man, and his master's wife noticed.
      • In the late nineteenth century these movements developed into forms of religious nationalism.
      • Some of these became reform socialists, while others began movements which were to develop into parties.
      • It started quite innocently - a small twinge developed into a spreading stiffness across my lower back.
      • Precisely in this period the social democratic movement developed into the most influential political party.
      • It was difficult for new black associations to mature and develop nationally or to elaborate specific programmes.
      • Eventually as the tree matures, it will develop into a fine spreading type.
      • Other places of its kind have gone the same road and after sale have been developed into thriving places of business.
      • Caterpillars grown from larvae and chrysalises developed into butterflies.
      • Four years at college used to develop well-rounded individuals, mature athletes with knowledge of a world beyond their own disciplines.
      • Alyssa was my daughter, and though she gave me quite a stir in her teen years, as she matured she developed into a fine young woman.
      • The beautiful bougainvillea can be trained as a small shrub, or if left to grow, will develop into a massive hanging vine.
      • From a laughing teenager she developed into a mature gymnast whose work took on something of an academic quality.
      • The Bills hope he can rapidly develop into their starting quarterback and serve that role for many, many years.
      • There is no minimum age and there is also a novice class for all ages to keep the playing field level as skills develop.
      • But how many have developed into mature teachers of the type described above?
      • The lads responded and a motley crew matured and developed into a squad to be proud of.
      • As she grows up and matures, you will notice many of these childhood traits develop into adult ones.
      • The analogy is broadly applicable: good designing is a skill developed in the field, not in a tournament.

    • 1.2(elaborate)

      (plan/theory) desarrollar
      (theory/plan) elaborar
      (idea) desarrollar
      • The words may come later but he was developing a melody that seemed to haunt him with its need to be played.
      • The band trades off leadership, but they spend less time developing themes and making statements than you might expect.
      • Dark harmonically and orchestrally, unfortunately it fails to develop a good musical idea into a more evolved work.
      • Maid Of Gold and Things Told only reinforce the atmospheric canvas of this album, simply developing the melodies and soundscapes to reassess their compositions.
      • It is not shaped and limited by words and it gives Menotti a chance to develop his musical themes instead of just moving from one to another.
      • In cases when Cex tries to develop a melody, it remains somewhat buried in the mix underneath the bass heavy beats.
      • A lengthy Allegro moderato develops the themes rather well although one cannot claim that we are re-discovering a masterpiece.
      • In them, Griswold develops a theme, plays with it briefly, and then lets it fade before it is completely exhausted.

    • 1.3(exploit)

      (resources) explotar
      (land/area) urbanizar
      • The article details the efforts of a local artist who gathered 500 signatures of those opposed to developing the land.
      • While they built the home in their minds, they continued to develop the land with their hands.
      • Now that the area has built up, the officials want to develop the land.
      • Managers of the Hulton Estate say they have no plans to build houses on Lee Hall but could take steps to develop the land within the next five years.
      • Richmond council's plans to develop land in and around Crane Valley has been left in shreds by the government inspector.
      • Locally, he was involved in the Walton Green Inquiry, organising an appeal against a council decision to develop the land in the area.
      • Kellegher said he is aware of some farmers in the greater Dublin area who are looking to develop their own land.
      • There are at least three groups of farmers who are developing the land.
      • The public of Bradford need to know the true facts regarding plans to develop the land at West Bowling Golf Club.
      • At present, each individual parcel of land is developed in a different manner.
      • Much of the land was developed and legally occupied by residents who fought their removal by eminent domain.
      • We're into real estate, developing the land around the arena.
      • He's also leery of reserve land being developed in such a way.
      • The only basis on which it is possible for me to undertake the shopping centre is by developing the lands surrounding the premises as two small residential schemes.
      • West Wiltshire District Council is holding a further consultation period on proposals to develop an area of land south of Paxcroft Mead.
      • It's all part of a master plan to develop this area of the Territory over the next decade or so.
      • Trees were not felled or cleared to develop agricultural land.
      • It is developing marginal land, and is doing so very successfully.
      • Talks are taking place about developing the land known locally as the Whatley's site as part of a village centre regeneration scheme.
      • South Ayrshire Council is not opposed to sporting clubs developing vacant land, even if a proposal is controversial or against planning policies.

    • 1.4(expand)

      (range/business) ampliar

  • 2

    (engine/drug) crear
    (method) idear
    (method) desarrollar
  • 3

    (immunity/resistance) desarrollar
    (disease) contraer formal
    he developed other symptoms empezó a presentar otros síntomas
    • the prototype developed several faults surgieron varios problemas con el prototipo
    • he's developed a taste for gin le ha tomado el gusto a la ginebra
    • she developed an appreciation of classical music empezó a apreciar la música clásica
  • 4

    (film/photograph) revelar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person/body) desarrollarse
    (industry) desarrollarse
    (interest) crecer
    (interest) aumentar
  • 2

    to develop into sth convertirse / transformarse en algo
    • to develop from sth evolucionar a partir de algo
    • their friendship developed into love su amistad se convirtió / se transformó en amor
  • 3

    (region/nation) desarrollarse
    (region/nation) progresar
  • 4

    (plot/novel) desarrollarse
  • 5

    (complication/problem) surgir
    (problem/complication) aparecer
    (crisis) producirse