Translation of developed in Spanish:


desarrollado, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈvɛləpt//dɪˈvɛləpt/


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    Politics Economics
    (region/nation) desarrollado
    • The rest of the developed world is placing an absolute premium on higher education.
    • Though it is taken for granted in the developed world, mass education is a relatively recent phenomenon.
    • Anyone involved in post-compulsory education in the developed world would do well to read this book.
    • There must be no more division of the world into civilized and uncivilized, developed and underdeveloped.
    • Nearly every education system in the developed world is in the middle of an active debate about third level policy.
    • How the people of a particular country put up with queuing is, I think, a sign of our developed our culture is.
    • I think that this is going to have a snowballing effect in terms of shaping public opinion in the developed world.
    • I am sure, our leadership and our people can achieve the second vision of developed India.
    • Among the proposals are demands that banks in the developed world repatriate money pilfered by corrupt leaders and inform on suspicious accounts.
    • My recent conversation with him on the issue of aging in the developed world was illuminating.
    • Almost three centuries later, the stock exchange is even more important in the economic life of a developed country than it was at the time of the above case studies.
    • Perhaps the only consolation is that every other health system in the developed world will be facing the same sort of crisis at the same time.
    • It still is one of the least economically developed countries in South America.
    • These give clear advice for more junior doctors and are applicable to all healthcare systems in the developed world.
    • Lung cancer was found to be the next biggest killer in the developed world, sending over half a million people to an early grave.
    • Second, because no country in the developed world needs educational improvements more urgently than Australia.
    • Tasmanian logging is wholly dependent on a degree of government indulgence unknown elsewhere in the developed world.
    • The TTC gets less government support than any system in the developed world.
    • The developing countries began to copy and re-create aspects of the developed countries' economies.
    • I wonder if the developed world has ever seen so many people homeless?
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    (palate/sense of irony) exquisito
    (palate/sense of irony) refinado
    • Many RPGs have an alignment system but relatively few have a fully developed path for evil characters.
    • Explorers might find a highly developed and intelligent variety of worm which would not need oxygen to live.
    • Much as the United States did then, China has a dynamic economy that lacks a developed financial system.
    • Their funeral ceremonies suggest a developed cultural life.
    • A highly developed service culture has grown to meet demand.
    • The south coast of the Ukraine, including Crimea, was a developed centre of grape culture in ancient times.
    • Here in only 50 years has been the creation of a developed system of law.
    • In humans, as in other primates, the visual system is highly developed, followed closely by the auditory system.
    • Arguably the most developed of these bilingual cultures were located in Bengal and Maharashtra.
    • Chloroplasts in these plants were smaller and contained poorly developed thylakoid membrane systems.
    • We had been aware that the epidemic in Papua is more developed than in other parts of Indonesia.
    • Germany has a highly developed social security system and places a strong emphasis on education and vocational training.
    • Rather the ape had achieved its high status through intellect, the dog on account of highly developed emotions.
    • What about cultivating some sort of developed and mature taste for quality in worship music?
    • However, these systems were less developed than those on leaf stomata, a feature that might be responsible for their inactivity.
    • Bricolage is an actively developed content management system with a browser-based interface.
    • Most tsunamis appear as an advancing tide without having a developed wave face, resulting in rapid flooding of low-lying coastal areas.
    • The reason for the total collapse of this highly developed culture is unknown.
    • In fact, many species of birds have a highly developed olfactory system.
    • Multi sampling is a slightly more developed and intellectual approach to the problem.