Translation of developmental in Spanish:


del desarrollo, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪˌvɛləpˈmɛnt(ə)l//dəˌvɛləpˈmɛn(t)l/


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    del desarrollo
    developmental psychology psicología del desarrollo feminine
    • developmental biology biología del desarrollo
    • Developmental biologists, too, find the butterfly wing a great subject.
    • The author, Armand Leroi, is a developmental biologist at Imperial College in London.
    • In contrast, physiologists and developmental biologists emphasize mechanisms to explain Bergmann's rule.
    • Terrence Deacon works at the interface between neurobiology, developmental biology and biological anthropology.
    • They placed considerable emphasis on evolutionary and developmental change.
    • Plant ontogenetic developmental processes and environmental conditions affect the size of this fraction.
    • He then went on to describe the new plans for developmental biology he was exploring.
    • I claim that developmental genetics is also needed.
    • Once the large community of developmental biologists working on the worm became involved, the pace quickened.
    • In cnidarians, the developmental biology of some aspects of clonality have been studied.
    • This proposed parallel evolution is also supported by the developmental morphology of seedlings.
    • I am a developmental biologist who also has a masters degree in the history of science.
    • A major observation of embryology has been that developmental mutations are usually harmful and often fatal.
    • The NAS committee comprised pediatricians, chemists, developmental biologists, and food scientists.
    • Ingrid had come to Berkeley in 1990 to do a Ph.D. in developmental biology.
    • The eyeless gene is an example of the remarkable conservation of developmental genes throughout the animal kingdom.
    • Somatic embryos at late developmental stages were gently extracted from agarose layers with forceps.
    • It is designed to convey to the public the importance and relevance of recent research findings in developmental biology.
    • The department web site lists her concentration as developmental biology.
    • Zebrafish have been a significant model in developmental biology for over a decade.