Translation of device in Spanish:


artefacto, n.

Pronunciation: /dəˈvaɪs//dɪˈvʌɪs/


  • 1

    (gadget, tool) artefacto masculine
    (gadget, tool) dispositivo masculine
    (gadget, tool) aparato masculine
    (mechanism) dispositivo masculine
    (mechanism) mecanismo masculine
    explosive device artefacto explosivo masculine
    • nuclear device arma nuclear
    • Systems of this kind are being introduced in washing machines, automobiles, medical instruments, telecommunication devices and defence equipment.
    • The equipment includes special gripping devices for pens to help people write with a shaking wrist and also cheque signing guides.
    • The other piece of equipment is a device called a hydrometer, which measures alcoholic strength.
    • Such articles include electronic devices, dust handling equipment and notebook computer enclosures.
    • Cameras are very complex devices full of electronic trickery and mechanical movements.
    • Inventors of the tiniest machines have tapped various power sources for their devices: electricity, light, even DNA.
    • A video camera was trained on her throughout her first visit, she was wired up to enough electrical measuring devices to light a small town, and obligingly she repeatedly passed out.
    • From his youth Brunelleschi had been interested in mechanical devices, in particular clocks, wheels, gears and weights.
    • Automobiles have traditionally been seen as mechanical devices with some electric components.
    • Mobile fuel cells can power cars and portable electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptop computers.
    • All chipmakers, including market leader Intel, have been hit by falling demand from the makers of communications equipment and consumer electronic devices.
    • Basically, the computers and other electronic devices would do most of the work and the only problem would lie in how to spend all this spare time.
    • When his home in Bridgemill Road, Blackburn, was raided, hundreds of discs, mailing lists, copying devices and computer equipment were found in a back bedroom.
    • The aim of nanotechnology is to manipulate molecules atom by atom, treating them like mechanical devices with gears, wheels, levers, hooks, pivots, locks and keys.
    • Radioactivity cannot be felt, smelled, seen, or heard directly and is detectable only with the aid of mechanical or electronic devices.
    • There is the haphazard cluster of dozens of small stalls that sell everything from pins to electronic devices.
    • Fitted with whirring wheels, gears and other devices, the old mechanical toys have acquired retro-cool status among many affluent young collectors.
    • Winnipeg's experience with both types of electronic traffic control devices is still relatively short.
    • It's too difficult to take notes with a stylus, and the keyboards for these devices are separate pieces of equipment.
    • The Homeland Security Department is also testing alternatives, such as electronic monitoring devices.
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    recurso masculine
    estratagema feminine
    a rhetorical device un recurso retórico
    • to leave sb to her/his own devices abandonar a algn a sus propios recursos
    • In the absence of other methods and devices, an Australian Bill of Rights may have been useful.
    • Doris and Nana appear out of nowhere and act as little more than clumsy devices to move the plot along and reveal the truth behind mysteries set up elsewhere.
    • At times, he can't resist using pat plot devices to move action along, or coasting on a kind of breezy glibness.
    • Anarchists don't salute anyone and they wouldn't think to use it as a mnemonic device, but their method is the same.
    • Here, traditional Mediterranean devices have been collaged together to give a human heart to the formerly coldly functional institution.
    • The traditional device is to terrify the population.
    • Some readers may be frustrated by the apparent lack of action and the leisurely pace of the plot but these devices are used intentionally by McEwan to convey his overall message.
    • There are many devices and methods used to detect and quantify subsurface moisture.
    • Moore's method uses the axiomatic method as an instructional device.
    • He asks her to go to Hong Kong with him but she rejects his offer using the device of a card trick and both leave with regret.
    • Then, the methods and devices listed above will also work for removing cooking odors.
    • Daniel Brochu is somewhat wasted in the role of younger Vinci brother Francesco who is, again, less of a character in his own right than a device to move the plot along.
    • But while questions linger, so do doubts about the play's structure and plot devices.
    • Oh, and Scully had a kid who could move things around with his mind, a plot device I haven't seen since Bewitched.
    • Instead, what we end up with is a parlor trick as plot device, a shockingly surreal way of keeping both husband and wife front and center in the storyline.
    • The device also aims to counter the Chancellor's plans of introducing a tax on extra bags left outside wheelie bins.
    • The board is adopting devices and methods to defeat the very purpose and object of the Bank.
    • Traditional constitutional devices had neutralized this democratic threat by ensuring that state power remained limited in size and scope.
    • These told me that Lichtenstein's style defined his approach - he made it his own; it wasn't an affectation, a mere imitative device or clever trick.
    • Mercury rules the animal spirit and is the author of subtlety, tricks, devices, and perjury.
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    (in heraldry)
    emblema masculine
    • Heraldic devices shifted from the surcoat to the material covering the plates, although armour of the third period was often decorated by etching and painting.
    • The device is heraldic again, but it also protects the galleried space from excessive insolation.
    • The heraldic devices are the least subtle aspect of the window.
    • He wore full plate-armor of unfinished black and his shield bore no device.
    • For all of that it's not a bad place to live, and that flying standard, with its strange old heraldic devices is still serving its purpose.
    • In the center of each diamond was a small shield with what I took to be a heraldic device painted on it.
    • This shield is distinct in scale, materials, and technique from the other heraldic devices in this window.
    • He chose the Corbinian Bear as an heraldic device for his papal coat of arms.
    • In elite society, aristocratic funerary sculpture quickly replaced religious imagery with heraldic and symbolic devices.
    • Heraldic devices were by far the most popular motifs.
    • If a hallmark on a spoon is so worn you can't make it out, which side bears the heraldic device could give a clue to its date.
    • After the conquest, local weavers added heraldic devices to their own decorative motifs.
    • The significance of this unique sculpture is uncertain but a heraldic device of the ruling elite or an aniconic symbol of a protecting deity are possibilities.
    • The Lord Lyon wrote to us a year ago saying that schools with heraldic devices should get in touch to check if they were allowed to use them.