Translation of devolution in Spanish:


delegación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɛvəˈl(j)uʃ(ə)n//ˌdiːvəˈluːʃ(ə)n//ˌdɛvəˈluːʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(delegation)

      delegación feminine
      transferencia feminine
      • The lack of an overarching threat meant devolution of power away from central authorities.
      • Postponing plans for a referendum on regional devolution has condemned Cumbria councils to a period of potentially damaging uncertainty.
      • Both are now looking for a Plan B and I suspect that the next crucial battleground will be local government reform and devolution to smaller and more powerful councils.
      • If he had, he would have known with an awful clarity that devolution of power to a local level does nothing at all to reduce coercion or gross unfairness.
      • Health care, regional development and the devolution of powers to the territorial governments will figure prominently in all those meetings.
      • In most instances widespread corruption, relatively centralised health policy making, and poor devolution to local governments lie at the core of the problem.
      • But this month's emphatic rejection of limited devolution powers by the people of north-east England appears to have put that plan on hold.
      • The process of devolution and restructuring of local government in Ireland that generated the project has been under way for some years.
      • Despite the protests and violence, the issue that really has everyone worried is a planned devolution of power by the central government to the regions.
      • Even after devolution, local government had little autonomy.
      • Strategic health authorities would also be disbanded and foundation hospitals would be redundant as the devolution of power down to the local level would exceed the current powers they enjoy.
      • The cutbacks would mark a halt to the massive expansion within the civil service and local authorities since devolution.
      • Constitutional amendments have mandated devolution of powers to the third tier of government.
      • At Westminster their more thoughtful colleagues have started a debate about choice in public services and devolution of power to head teachers, hospitals and senior police officers.
      • Quebec's perennial threat of separation from Canada has only been forestalled by massive devolution of governing powers from Ottawa to Quebec City.
      • The devolution of power under the new regional autonomy laws has had an impact on fisheries management.
      • Leading the way in Scotland would have been using the powers of devolution to benefit the nation.
      • Through the decentralization and devolution of state power to ethnic groups it hopes to dilute ethnicity and fashion a cohesive society.
      • The devolution of political power to Scotland, and to a lesser extent to Wales, has changed the political landscape.
      • And devolution has transformed British politics.

    • 1.2British Politics

      transferencia de competencias del gobierno central a un gobierno regional

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    cesión feminine
    • A telling sign of heightened stress within the patrilineal family is the rise of litigation over property devolution.
    • Under these broad cultural practices, women became part of systems of inter-generational property devolution.
    • That exception covers devolution of property on death or other matters of personal law [as well as] the application of African customary law in any case involving Africans.
    • First, there are rules governing the devolution of property by will.
    • This produces the following devolution of title to the legal estate and the equitable interest.

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    • En el Reino Unido, el término devolution implica la transferencia de competencias del gobierno central tanto a las naciones históricas de Escocia y Gales y a la provincia de Irlanda del Norte, como a otras regiones periféricas del estado británico. Después de la victoria Laborista en las urnas en 1997, fueron inaugurados el Parlamento escocés Scottish Parliament y las Asambleas de Irlanda del Norte Northern Ireland Assembly y de Gales Welsh Assembly - National Assembly for Wales (NAfW)