Translation of devolve in Spanish:


pasar a algn, v.

Pronunciation: /dɪˈvɒlv//dəˈvɑlv/

intransitive verb

  • 1formal

    (power/authority) pasar a algn
    to devolve to / (up)on sb recaer sobre / en algn
    • his duties devolve upon his deputy sus obligaciones recaen sobre / en su sustituto
    • Unfortunately, that intensity's exactly what's lacking in Yellowknife, a stylish road movie whose early promise devolves into a hash of bad sex and worse plotting.
    • In the meantime, the mainstream press is devolving into a combination of conventional entertainment and political theater, all of it remote from the reality that most Americans know.
    • Her piece then devolves into a long remembrance of her history, that of a working class girl who became disillusioned with her chosen party because it ceased to care.
    • If it doesn't, the obligation devolves upon the member associations and therefore the member associations are free to do so if they have a reasonable prospect of doing so effectively.
    • While credit for the good is claimed by both, accountability for the ills like rampant tree cutting does not devolve on either.
    • As in the other two we find in No.3 that amount of Conscientiousness which will give a desire to fulfil the duties devolving upon her in a trustworthy manner.
    • What started off as a nice satire of Big Science and weapons research devolves into an unpleasant story of corruption involving a large cast of unpleasant characters.
    • If the detectives are of differing abilities it devolves into a situation where one player is deciding the best move for everybody else.
    • To prevent Burnt Sugar's music from devolving into self-indulgent jam band territory, early in the group's development Tate began using conduction, a system of baton gestures devised by Butch Morris.
    • The reason many critics see the world devolving into vulgar chaos is that they see a world filled with artifacts, nearly all of them disposable, that have no meaning to them.
    • One detailed concerns that the country is devolving into a ‘narco state’ with about 60 per cent of its income derived from opium.
    • From here on out, responsibility for my apprenticeship as a feeder devolved to me alone.
    • Bruce stews with indignity (and Nelson has one unforgettable meltdown), but at times in Act 2 the endeavor seemed in danger of devolving into a shouting contest.
    • The responsibility devolving on man is known, in the phraseology of Islam, as takleef-i-shar'ee or religious obligation, which is laid on every man according to his competence depending on his strength.
    • Why is it always that responsibilities like this devolve on me?
    • They stressed education so that people would better understand the faith, and the responsibility for education devolved on the home, the church, and the state.
    • A committee or coalition cannot instigate true love; the responsibility for this devolves to substantial human exemplars.
    • Worse, fullbacks have devolved into one-dimensional blockers who may only see action on one-fifth of a team's snaps - and they're lucky to touch the ball at all.
    • Egger were the contract administrators and that duty devolved on Mr Dent.
    • Or should responsibility only devolve on two or three of them who bought the last rounds?
    • The reauthorization debate is the domestic policy opportunity of the near future, but it will be a lost opportunity if it devolves into an argument over whether this or that element of the 1996 changes succeeded.
    • It was agreed at the meeting that control of access to the records was your function as Secretary to the Inquiry, but that ultimately the responsibility would devolve on the Treasury.
    • The result is that thinking becomes so mechanical that it is best done by managers and machines; reason devolves into a technology of control wielded by the wealthy and powerful.
    • One reason why it was not found is one considers the comment that we had breached our duty or our duty had devolved upon us so as to call for us to act some time long before November 1996.
    • What starts off as an interesting premise quickly devolves into a melodrama that cannot be sustained by a cast of actors who look like they would rather be somewhere else.
    • Perhaps more to the point, however, Heidegger's secularized meditation on the imminence of death and the responsibilities that devolve to us as a result owe more to the heroic literature of Ernest Juenger.
    • But at the end of the day, responsibility devolves upon the commander at sea, and Jellicoe had missed the fleeting opportunity to deliver a decisive victory in Trafalgar-fashion.
    • The awesome task of creating a modern, democratic Afghan state - and in the process turning 3,000 years of historical development on its head - devolves on him.
    • The first half is pretty cool, as we meet the central character and see his peculiar behaviour, however in the second half it pretty much devolves into a boring conventional thriller with nothing especially interesting to say.
    • And everything is devolving into a kind of chaos.
    • Meanwhile, the glimpses we have of the Berlin above show a landscape out of The Triumph of Death, a city devolving into total anomie.
    • I'm not saying that sexual responsibility devolves to women.
    • But since all are created equally in the image of God, there is a duty that devolves upon the ‘haves’ to give of their substance to the ‘have-nots’ in order to effect justice.
    • The governor's call for a non-binding referendum means this responsibility will ultimately devolve upon us.
    • Although she is still Riverdance's producer, much of the day-to-day responsibilities for managing the shows have been devolved to a management team.
    • This rant then devolves into a general pasting of popular music and is not especially coherent, but then, what do you want out of a one-eared, stuffed deer.
    • Williams chokes off every bit of his classic manic energy, which ends up channeling much meaning into every little bit of body language - while never devolving into obvious mannerisms.
    • Shielding programs from Congressional oversight allows for small programs to devolve into gigantic, often bizarre, schemes that would never pass muster with Congress.
    • The promise of the first hour devolves into a muddle supporting every possible theory of who wrote Shakespeare while side plots involving Anne Hathaway and Queen Elizabeth lead nowhere.
    • With the men away from the court for long periods in the army or on official postings, responsibility devolved upon aristocratic women, many of whom personally directed the factions themselves.
  • 2

    to devolve to / on sb pasar a algn Latin America informal

transitive verb

  • 1formal

    (power) delegar
    (power) transferir
    (right/privilege) conceder
    to devolve authority to the regions dar autonomía a las regiones