Translation of devour in Spanish:


devorar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪˈvaʊə//dəˈvaʊ(ə)r/

transitive verb

  • 1

    she devoured the book devoró el libro
    • he devoured her with his eyes la devoraba con los ojos
    • None of the children wanted the chocolates and all quickly devoured the jellied candy.
    • The pair told how not only was the bigger, stronger grey squirrel devouring food sources the red, and its offspring, needed to survive, it was also carrying the Parapox virus which was fatal to reds.
    • And why do these kids always arrive at 5pm and ready to devour any food in sight?
    • The men saw no problem in hitting the food tables and creatively devouring their pizza in a kind of pseudo-seal eating motion.
    • Instead, his mouth curved into a smile, resembling a wolf just before devouring his prey.
    • He helped himself to a slice of bread and cheese and devoured the food hungrily.
    • To think that she used to devour junk food at a whim.
    • Predators, such as ladybugs and assassin bugs, devour their prey.
    • A snake has to shed its skin; a snake has to devour its prey.
    • The wasp larvae that hatch out devour their prey from the inside out, killing the egg or caterpillar in the process.
    • He devoured some duck and turkey cat food while I administered a flea treatment, because he was starting to look ropey again.
    • The piece of pita bread lay untouched as we devoured the food.
    • Nietzsche illustrates the dynamics of the strong valuation with an infamous image of birds of prey devouring defenseless lambs.
    • We welcomed the range of foreign foods on offer, devouring pizza, curry and Thai greedily.
    • Sudalai Madan, who devours non-vegetarian food after consuming litres of arrack or toddy has to content himself with the sweet prepared by them.
    • In New Zealand they weigh in at less than half a pound but can devour any prey as large as they are and eat eggs two-and-a-half inches long.
    • Finally, after four days of movement, Buck grows tired of the chase and drags the moose to the ground, finishing him off and devouring his meat hungrily.
    • The venom did its work in three or four minutes; the reptile then slowly devoured its prey whole.
    • As we settled down to supper, devouring the food hungrily, the front door slammed open.
    • Remember the population bomb, the fertility explosion set to devour the world's food and suck up or pollute all its air and water?
  • 2literary

    devorar literary
    • She hit the Platters rocks, close to the shore just west of the suspension bridge, and a fire devoured what remained above the water.
    • Months in the planning, the Gin Flat fire behaved beautifully, devouring a thick carpet of needles and big swaths of brush.
    • Jada tossed the half smoked cigarette onto the ground, and the hungry dust devoured it.
    • He stood unmoving, watching the parchment crackle, seeing the last of his life's work devoured by flames, and felt nothing.
    • Standing by the fireplace in his living room, Frank stares at the flames as they devour the torn pieces of his wedding photograph.
    • A child and his father watch helplessly as the Bhagirathi waters slowly devour Old Tehri town.
    • He took one last long look at the woman he had once loved and watched stoically as she was devoured by hungry tongues of flame.
    • It creeps in gradually enveloping the earth, devouring the last traces of the struggling dusk.
    • I asked frantically as I stared at the giant flames that were devouring her home.
    • Flames roared as they devoured the city and all of the people living within it.
    • In less than half an hour, the flames devoured four buildings.
    • She needed only to get a few yards out before being able to see the flames hungrily devour her house.
    • The fire crackled as it devoured the leaves and wood.
    • Leaning over, she scatters the remains of the card into the fireplace, watching the flames devour it and leave behind only ashes.
    • And fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.
    • It is an abstraction of the process of fire devouring the turf and many colours are seen when looking up at the glass.
    • I let him think while the candle devoured my envelope.
    • What I didn't know was then as each one ran out, Matt was chucking them onto the roaring bonfire to be devoured by the flames.
    • With the power out, the only light in the subbasements was cast by the spear points of flame, devouring overturned cars and office debris.
    • It also destroys cities, devours forests and snuffs out lives.
  • 3

    I was devoured by curiosity me devoraba la curiosidad
    • he was devoured by jealousy lo consumían los celos
    • Then give yourself permission to stop worrying about things you can't control, so you won't be devoured by fear.
    • Fearing I would soon be totally devoured, I broke away from a pash for the second time in the space of about half an hour - surely a new record.